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Issue#1 - servers got merged, great that is a good thing. but because of this my characters got jarbled, others got deleted and those that remained had there names changed example:(Claudia, Claudia_1, Claudia_2)

Issue#2 - My premium Hair wigs and or styles they have changed sense back then have been removed, lost, deleted. AKA not found in market retrieval tab on ANY of my characters.

Issue#3 - I submitted a ticket and they didn’t even attempt to help me. Just flat out said
“Sorry we can’t do that”

Sorry they can’t do what? Give me my premium stuff back? Reimburse me with TP so i can myself? Change the name of my character for me? Sense my characters name is messed up? Can’t do nothing seriously?

Server - Klaipeda
Team Name - Fairchi1d


Any GM’s on this forum? Can you please assist?


Try to send a ticket or mark them with @ staff


@Staff please read my main post above. Thank you in advance for your time.