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Last free weapon and armor set

Are the last free weapon and armor set for level 380?

no,they are just the last set from quest/kedoran line. The next tier is the episode 11 main quest completion reward, which is a full +11 T10 lvl 400 savinose legendary set.
Following that is the episode 12-1 reward, a level 440 legendary +8 T3 savinose dysnai set.

Just be reminded that you only get the sets from the episode rewards one time per account, so make sure, if you want to play alternative characters, that they can use these sets,too, when selecting them (for example, choosing a cloth savinose dysnai set would be bad unless your team is full of healer support characters).
Episode 11 gives you 5 weapon boxes if I remember correctly, but episode 12 only gives you 2, so choose wisely. If you’re not sure which class you will main and what alts to play, you can keep the episode 12 weapon boxes unopened for now and just get the scrolls for them from the event.

No. The last free weapon/armor set is lvl 400 Kedoran. You can get it by doing a short quest “Creeping Darkness” starting at Orsha.