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Language problem

after while of trying to fix it my self i give up. when i login into the game and the language is english
the item name , ohter names shown as check the picture links down below
when i change the language to german the names of items back to normal, when i change to english its bugs out

What i have done my self try to fix it:

  1. delte completly tos redownloaded
  2. delte patch files, pached again
  3. did over steam reapir files
    none of this did fix it

Server Name: EU Fediman

Screenshots / Video :
(attach screenshots or videos regarding the bug)

Are you a returning player? If you have the DLC founder packs “installed” on tree of savior, it will bug out various text like this. You gotta disable it and then re-verify files on steam and it should fix the issue.

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yea thanks that fixed it