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Lancer Barb Hop


Anyone playing it? how do you find it in Velc, Gem feud, bossing, CM’s, etc? Im currently Hop Barb Goon and not feeling goon much anymore so Im prob looking for a change. Got a 100M saved up for a velc 2H spear or 1H spear and im 2/3 pieces in abyss set to just show where I am in gearing process.


lancer can only use 2h pike.


yea thats fine, I can buy a 2H velc spear but if Im staying goon ill stick with 1H spear for shield armor. Im just wondering how Lancer performs with Barb and hop


well lancer is good for bossing due the the single burst combo.
but aoe wise is still bad.


It lacks AOE, you will be miserable outside of pvp, bossing is ok, crush+quitain is really strong.
I suggest cata-lancer-barbariam. in the next patch you can use barbariam skills mounted and cata covers the lack of aoe.


lancers is good to make desync, it has a free cc which catch ppl inside the lag and make them stuck. Enjoy the abuse


Thanks guys for the input. I’m going to bench my goon as is and move to wizard. Feel like I gotta work so hard with swordsman to make something of it. Perhaps time for a change.


how about goon - barb - lancer ?