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Lag/Delays after some minutes + FPS drops in March patches

Please fill in as much as you can :

Date and Time(Please, specify the timezone) : March 4th - actual day

Server Name: Klaipeda

Team Name: WarNux

Character Name: All

Bug Description :
After some minutes, I get skill and double run delays. This problem has persisted since two maintenances ago. I am forced to quit game and get back in so I can run normally. As well as getting FPS drops during Challenge Modes, Velcoffer and receiving items from mobs.

I used to play smoothly and have good FPS until March patches.

Steps to reproduce the issue :

  1. Skill delays after some minutes
  2. FPS drop during Challenge Modes, Velcoffer and receiving items from mobs
  3. The issue started since four maintenances ago (since March 4th patch).
  4. I’m forced to log off and log back in to play normally.


  • CPU : AMD A10-7800 Radeon R7, 12 Compute Cores 4C+8G 3.50 GHz
  • RAM : 12.0 GB
  • Graphics Card : AMD Radeon™ R7 Graphics
  • Mainboard : Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
  • Storage : 1.21 TB
  • OS : Windows 10
  • Internet Connection : High
  • Country, Region : Mexico

Hope this has solutions. Thanks!

Yes, they did something very wrong in this update. Same problems here


Same problem here. Did CM7 runs with guildies fine before, but now i cannot help much with 7 ~10 FPS.
Does the optimization patch rollbacked, again?

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Many players are facing this problem. If a long maintenance is required, go for it. Take the time you need as long as this issue can be fixed.