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LAG! Almost unplayable! LAG! You need to fix it! LAG!

Lately we’ve been experiencing disgusting situations on Silute Server. The game has grow too much in a short time, and ANY enterprise would improve their system to alocate everyone and make the server grown more and more. But surprisily, IMC is going against every single particle of LOGIC. IMC is destroying their own sucess. Silute server is becoming almost unplayable. People doesn’t like to expend money in something that isn’t work properly. It brings DOUBT to their hearts. So, for…
ONE LAST TIME, with all my strenght:





the cycle repeating itself again, some time ago the server was in that same growth and just like today the same problems of lag, delay, tea falling in cities and anywhere, when they complain they ask to send a ticket, but they do nothing, they commit a error in a maintenance with on the last of the 26th, and they do nothing, announce new songs all with copyright, but the real problems in the game no Staff nor GM see, when they see already and later, several sploits of items 21+, sploit of bots being created to make the event hundreds of times a day, and once again no one looks after the players, I see again friends who had returned to play leaving the game, and maybe this time forever …


I don’t know what kind of person is behind the decisions that rule the serve, but I can’t believe they think that its normal… It’s unnaceptable, 'cause they SELL products inside the game… They NEED to give us some stability… We can’t close our eyes.

all GM Staffs and quiet watching the forum now everything is a total chaos, embreve one here appears and speaks to send ticket

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Channels falling down all the time, messages taking 3 seconds to be sent, etc … Are you really doing something to improve this or not? Let me know, because for me, this game ends.

Must be only South America. Not having these issues on other servers. Not the first time SA servers have sucked, seen the same in many other games

Not many other games… Only Tree of Savior. I’ve played a lot of MMORPGs, but none of them CAN BE COMPARED to this one when we’re talking 'bout lag. The Dsync had come to an stage that it’s almost impossible do do anything… Today, Moringponia Channel had fallen three times, I SAID THREE TIMES, during the fight… They’re losing credibility, they’re losing loyal players. And they ARE DOING NOTHING.

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