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Kurdaitcha Number of Hits?

Kurdaitcha is a very strange skill because the damage really depends on how many footsteps you create. Even after extensive testing I couldn’t quite say how many hits it has so:

Anyone who knows of Featherfoot better, how many hits does Kurdaitcha hit on average on a single target if you walk around it and place all footsteps in a single spot?

source: i counted

Are you sure it’s just 40? I’ve been able to consistently break the Highlander Master’s targets with the skill alone, and considering they have 50 hp and constantly heal, I imagine it must hit a bit more than that.

Each blood footprint hits 15 times, so it depends on how many footprints you manage to spawn and how packed you spawn them.

I’ve managed 135 hits on a single highlander’s dummy before it got destroyed.

Just tested and you can spawn 10 footprints, so the theoretical max would 150 hits ? 135 is impressive.