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Like Usamimi said we spend so much on your gachas so why do we have 10$ AMAZON servers???
ALSO YOU GUYS DONT EVEN LOOK AT THE BOT REPORTS AND YOU GUYS LET THESE SORC BOTS FARM ALL DAY…love how IMC runs things, you guys let the best place to farm get taken over by bots/afkers/macro-ers and you let the honest real players suffer. NICE SYSTEM IMC


Stating the obvious here? KToS always had better performance.

How long has this game been up in NA?? dont give me that bs lol the performance level of our PVP system has been THE SAME LAGFEST since PVP came out…whats OBVIOUS is IMC is doing nothing to improve ANYTHING just like they do NOTHIN to SORC BOTS.

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btw the creator of that video has been banned for macro-ing sweet potato bonfires…another reason KTOS > GTOS

actually, it took a lot of whining, but Feuds actually stopped crashing at fedimian
world bosses also are more stable tho can still crash if too many ppl
they seem to have improved server capacity

iTos there is nothing more, nothing less to take money from here and *improve in ktos.


^ IS THIS TRUE IMC??? ARE WE JUST CATTLE TO YALL??? sure feels like it.

@STAFF_Bob @STAFF_Ines @STAFF_Amy @STAFF_Yuri @STAFF_Letitia @STAFF_Ethan

It is a really DISGUSTING FEELING when 90% of Baubas Cave is taken by afk-MACRO-ING bokors THX IMC

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Seriously pretty sure they just milking us dry…if only we could complain to someone with higher authority cuz these IMC ppl doesnt seem to do their jobs at all

It’s funny that itos players say that ktos is better, while ktos players say itos is better…

Where is the reference for that claim? I mean just look at the video…their gem feud is SO SMOOTH and their GM’s actually ban ppl for MACRO use.

Everyone has their own opinions i guess but i would love to have KTOS system on ITOS because at this rate the rich/lazy get richer by doing SHET, while honest working people like me cant even farm Baubas Cave because its FILLED with MACRO users + a SORC BOT that had MANY REPORTS AND EVEN A VIDEO ON HER YET IS STILL FARMING THE SAME SPOT IN BAUBAS CAVE DAY AFTER DAY FREELY… ITS UNREAL.

Yes the performance is much better these days for kTOS. A lot of optimization has been made. But you have to think about that for a second. All optimization patches that kTOS receives will arrive in iTOS too. From what I hear Feud crashes much less frequently in iTOS too since the Feb 21st patch. And that’s only the first of many optimization patches to come. Also, I play actively on kTOS and I’ve even seen someone in kTOS say that kTOS is just a test server for iTOS and complain that kTOS is crap… The grass is always greener on the other side… Also, the sorc/bokor issue will be dealt with soon. I apologize for having taken so long but time is here at last

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THX Bob really appreciate that a staff finally responded…so far this patch seems to have smooth some things which is a plus. Just to make it clear though is MACRO using a bannable offense? I heard you guys fixed the afk bokor issue but there is still some people afking in Baubas Cave…but anyways thank you for responding. @STAFF_Bob

This has been a difficult subject for us to touch on. I will discuss this further with the rest of the staff and let you guys know through either an announcement or a forum post(more likely) later this week or early next week on how we will try to tackle the issue at hand.


Well thats a start i guess…atleast make it be publicized that it could be bannable so they THINK TWICE before setting up macros for easy lazy silvers. But whatever the outcome i guess i know SOMETHING is happening now.