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kTOS General Thread v2.0

Several servers.

Ktest server most ahead.
Ktos server ahead quite some.

Jtos server ahead.

iToS. We are behind the wugushi poison fix buff, sorcerer riding enhance buff, cannon 2nd wave of buff, plague doctor poison fix, … behind hunting grounds, special badge, …

IndonesiaToS most delayed.

Ktest server get newest content because it is the test server.

Ktos server received appraiser archer hidden class recently - look at gwen’s pastebin for updated ktos & ktest patchnotes.

Jtos already has the hunting ground special dungeons. Still quite some problems, for example:
Their list does have more acknowledged problems (with timestamp and datestamp so you may check whether the problem has persisted for a very very long time without fix).

swordman part of Jtos recent list of acknowledged problems <<Click here

Swordman’s skill “Concentrate” is not reflected in pistol attack [11/9 17:00 updated]
· Attributes of Swordman ‘Thrust’ does not work properly
· Problem of highlander ‘s characteristic “Moulinet: crit chance” does not work properly
· Problem of highlander skill of “cross guard” debuff + Hoplite " Pierce " not increasing the number of hits [1/18 15:00 updated]
· Peltasta characteristics “swash: maximum HP” does not apply correctly
· Issue of umboblow: stun not working at pvp
·attributes of Peltast “Shield guard” does not work properly
·Hoplite: The skill “spear throw” and the dragoon skill “Gae Bolg” are not affected by the attack power of weapons [12/1 11: 30 updated]
· Problems: consumed twice by SP when using Barbarian skill “Pouncing”
· Barbarian skill “Giant swing” does not work properly at pvp
· Problems when throwing an enemy monster with barbarian skill “giant swing”, problem that your character becomes unresponsive when it overlaps an object such as “siaulai raid torch” [1/18 15:00 updated]
· Damage may not be applied when using catapark skill “Impaler”
· Attributes of cata “Steady Charge: Enhancement” and “Earthwave: Earth Attribute” not working properly
· Cata Rush skill + Demonasu Gauntlet ‘Item Effect is Not Applied’ Problem [1/11 15:00 Update]
·Issue where the repair record is not displayed correctly if repairing a lot of equipment with “All” skill of “squire”
· Warehouse can not be used with skill “base camp” skill of squire -
Squire’s skill “base camp” When dying during construction,
Problem that you can not select cross key with resume from place name bases [11/16 19: 30 update]
· When setting up the skill “base camp” of squire [12/22 14:30 UPDATED]
· The problem that the combo of Corsair’s skill “Jolly Roger” is not maintained · The behavior of Corsair’s skill “DWA” equipped with a handgun" problem [12/22 14:30 Update]
· Cors characteristic “Hand gun use” can not be used in a non-target state of pistol attack [1/18 15:00 updated]
· Fencer’s skill “Balesra fente” has a delay [12/1 11: 30 updated]
· Fenc skill “Fleche” only hitting a low amount of mobs. [updated on 12/28 14:45]
· Doppel “Cyclone” cannot be moved when your character overlaps with an enemy [12/28 14: 45 update]
· Dragoon’s skill “Dragon soar” does not launch the monster when attacking
· Dragoon skill “Gae bolg” : Physical attribute damage on damage is not normal [10/26 19: 00 update]
· Dragoon’s skill “Gae bolg” after using, endpoint invisible problem [12/22 14: 30 update]
· Funny behavior of the enemy immediately after knocking back with Dragoon’s skill “dethrone” [2/1 15:00 updated]
· Murm skill “Cassis Crista” cannot be used with one handed spear and dagger equipped [1/18 15:00 updated]
· The problem that the debuff effect of Lancer’s skill “Joust” is not applied from the second time onwards [12/9 19:00 update]
· Lancer skill “crush” effect is not applied to some summons ※ [2/1 15:00 updated]
· Problem that Shinobi’s skill “Bunshin clones” is not displayed even if it is used during event battle [11/16 19: 30 update]
· Using the Sinobi skill “Bunshin clones to use it, when using cool skill with the “pass” skill again, Kunai skill is not mimiced problem [12/9 19:00 updated]
· Shinobi’s skill “Bunshin clones” Even if you attack an opponent at pvp showdown no damage is added [1/11 15:00 updated]
· When using Shinobi 's skill Bunshin clones” + Hoplite’ s skill “synchro thrust” bonus Shield attack based on shield defence on clones is not applied properly. [1/18 15:00 Update]

Indonesia ToS also has a valentine event now. Similar to itos event with different rewards.


In TOS INA there is practically no GvG because 10+ guilds entering GvG are guilds that are all abusing ranks for TP rewards haha

There is literally not a single competitive match; every match found is just a “parent” guild trying to get point from its “fake” guild.

New interface (inventory, attributes, etc.)
Last optimization patch.

Hunting grounds. New 100, 230, 240 were announced for Feb-Mar along with new appraisable items.

Same for jTOS.

I dunno. I guess this is true.

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Has the publisher said anything about that TP abuse?

Not a word. /20characters

Made a list of the Korean ToS music contest in fan vid section of forums: [Music] [Ended] Korean ToS music contest list

Still no appraiser on ktos :confused:


I totally agree with you, but I don’t agree that those are the ONLY items that should be worth farming. Also wish more recipes were composed of a variety of mats to make more things worth farming, like 100 common drops + 50 uncommon drops + 1 rare drop. Otherwise you just end up with situations where only one part of a recipe - or just the recipe itself - is worth anything.


The itemisation on this game is sh3t.

I’m using a LvL 15 or something Vubbe Gloves over lolo gloves since I got the top//botton of lolo leather for the only set bonus from armor in game that really matter (2 leather peaces for + crit rate, while finally avoiding those horrible lolo boots and gloves).

I feel to be lucky to have found a good fixed grp to gear with for solmiki since anything in the game is so bad.

Boots= windy, anything else trash

Gloves = in PvE accuracy is totally broken, most gloves have only 1 socket (clerics need 2 for divine might and heal)

leather vs plate vs cloth = now everybody and his mom has finally understood that resist stacking is much better then HP in PvE. You can boost phisical def with anvil, u can’t do the same with magic def. Cloth all the way unless you need 2 leather lolo peaces.

If it wasn’t for the lolo leather 1st set bonus (crit rate), all the server would walk around with elkosh/virtov/lolo cloth 3 peaces aside the 0,1% players so maso to play dex build for PvP with dodge stacking and those PvP clerics stacking HP with plate… and even then, if you are into cloth or plate the upgrade from lolo plate/cloth is not worth the cost of the cube rerolls, unless you are really capped with 3 amazing headgears and lvl7 gems or something like that.

Still so surprised when I see nabs walking around with plate virtov or red gem on top // bottom in PvE.

Gear is so BAD atm that is not even fun looking at the options we got.

And we have to add that gems are fixed for everybody

top + bottom = yellow
main hand = yellow dex users blue magic users
off hand = red dex users blue magic users
boots = blue
gloves = skill gem

Only thing that give a bit more customisation are rings, I do think that gladi/phada/sissel/drhag/revisian/loloRings can be all be build around and different BiS in a lot of different chars or do demand a different stat distribution (like sissel vs rest for dex users) or make you trade bonus // malus (gladi better evasion, phada better magic def).

Aside from that, there is NOTHING.


Agreed, specially shoes for non Swordies.

Windrunner’s 3 slots are simply too good to pass.

FiveHammer being the supreme swiss knife for alts is also grave.


And I forgot to add the practorium iussue.

Classes that play with only 1 weapon have an unfair advantage, I do play with a doppel buddy with orange weapon, while to max out my SR I need to farm 2 weapons, not even considering the practorium cost, just the grinding for 1 can burnout anyone easily.

On a side note I wouldn’t suggest archer to anybody unless you are hardcore as much as me, and most people have understood that, given that 70% of the casual player base is cleric.

A bunch of diev3 (couz is meta, you know) that never used silence + clap in hours of exp grinding and rushing, not even once in the whole char life.

Oh well, sometimes I think we do deserve this contest :stuck_out_tongue:


For real? What does the hidden quest make you do anyway?

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It will make you lose your mind until you decide to say “f*ck it” I’m just gonna do miko quest x4.

Is it sarcasm?. Cuz wasnt it a super easy quest?

No sir the quest is harder than shinobi + miko combined, the test server quest was merely placeholder

Does it ask for the sacrifice of my first born son?


theres a complete guide on the appraiser quest here감정사&l=90926

That’s…I don’t think anyone will make an appraiser…



I want to make an Appraiser on my QS3 please :sob:.

Appraiser sounds good in theory with classes like sr and canon who uses sub weapons for their skills but damn what a pain in the ass quest.

Problem is miko quest is worth it due to the dps and utilities it provides. Appraiser is literally an afk shop toon and the only good thing it has is that it has a skill or a passive (cant remember) that enhances sub weapons. I dont know how good it is but if you have to do the cancerous quest well. Thanks imc. You are really good in player retention.

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Yes, in ToS picking flowers is a thing.
Appraiser quest includes flower gathering on Hell mode.