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Doesn’t seem to be, the Skilled Cast atribute seems to mention that if you don’t have it jsut gives you Lv1 Quick Cast because yes.

now that could be a problem… am sure I can think of something to counter it in the time I wait for IOBT xD

Seems like there might be more to it; the rune stones may not all be in the Royal Mausoleum and instead spread around.

People have reported that one Rune Stone was in West Siauliai Woods, no pictures/concrete information. Another may be located in one of the Katyn Forest maps as well.

However, someone has found a Rune Stone in Nuoridan Falls with screenshot clarification;

There might be more in other maps too if this is the case. If you come across a Rune Stone item, take a screenshot. :slightly_smiling:

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It might be a prerequisite item like a Shinobi.

"Falconer’s Hanging shot now allows the user to use skills whilst flying."


It definitely is. There’s 5 rune stones (one for each type of Rune that Rune Casters use as skills) hidden around the world. Right-clicking one of these runs a script, I believe having all 5 rune stones combines them into an invitation item.

What’s unknown is if collecting all 5 rune stones is the initial trigger, or just a further step after you’ve begun the Rune Caster pre-quest. (i.e. Similar to the Vials and Flowers for Shinobi, not the quest trigger but items required later in the quest.)

There are 5 Rune Stone items as shown below:

Each of these icons are used for an item, which runs a script which seems to make the 6th item. The 6th item is called ‘Rune Caster’s Invitation’;


i saw what you did there.

Ty very much for an image, I like how they implement rune caster this time very unique.

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It’s pretty cool, slowly people are starting to find these runes; but there may be more to the quest than just these runes, especially with the dialogue that’s been found.

I’m still very curious to what those books are.

캐스팅 10초
uwaa…every skills has 10s cast time @@. Won’t be strange if this class really need wiz 3 requirement…

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It better friggin’ be becasue if it isn’t it gotta have something hidden to step up it’s game compared to the other Runecaster skills.

I can see each skill casting like a huge rune or something, it would fit that each skill is area based like diev statues etc.

Can’t wait for translations on both skills and attributes.
Gotta find some patience for the skill videos. ;(

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Chaplain took like… 1-2 days for the first ones?

“Falconer’s Hanging shot now allows the user to use skills whilst flying.”

This is incorrect. The note itself says " 'Whilst using Hanging Shot skill, Running Shot skill can be used."

The text of this note is 행잉샷 스킬 사용 중에 런닝샷 스킬을 사용할 수 있도록 변경됩니다, and the “런닝샷” is Running Shot.

So only Running Shot is available when flying, while other skills still can not be used, according to the note.

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Conidering the duration and the use you would give it generally due to it’s cooldown I don’t fell like much has changed.

24- Warlock’s Dark Theurge spheres created via Invocation have been altered so that they vanish after hitting a target based upon skill level.
I think this is incorrect. This should be the case: “the spirit spheres created by Dark Theurge and Invocation vanish after hitting a target based upon skill level”

Wait, why no one flaming about this “enchantment scroll that awakens hair accessories”…


I`m a grown up man, i dont want to wear retarded chiken egg to get more crit dmg.
Unless they will make slots without any appearance ( invisible ), so i can enchant it, im done with this game for sure xD