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Krivis Question!

I heard about Krivis getting some pretty good buffs, but I can’t find any information about it. I’d like to know what exactly is Krivis getting and or if it will make them more viable. Thanks!

Krivis is good to all cleric tree classes,
also i can say that Krivis is a good dmg/crit booster if you bring him in the party using his buffs and debuffs to enemy

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zaibas is getting sfr buffs, meltsis will no longer increase buff duration, it ll melt armor and do adittional dmg on every single skill (max 10% armor melt ) aukuras wil now heal a % of the dmg you do on crits and will follow you i think thats it

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Thank you for both of your responses! That’s exactly what I was looking for in general. I don’t think I will be getting the crit buffs for my Krivis since I will be using it as a DPS with a side of support-

On that note, what would be a good mace/2h-mace to use? Since the ones I have seen were lack-luster for said purpose. (I do know Exo is better as a damage dealer but overall I prefer Krivis).

There are 3 skill related to crit but I think soon we need to choose either daino or zaibas. Daino min crit chance is good but low uptime while zaibas is kinda meh as dps but it provide small stun for cc.

1 Aukuras
Max Zalciai
Max Divine
Max Melstis
14 Zaibas

How does that sound overall? I see why Daino would be a good idea but at higher levels I believe Zaibas would prove to be the better option- Whilst Zaiba’s DPS is eh, it’d provide more options for me. Maxing Melstis to increase the uptime of Zalciai and any other buff skills

yes you can buy daino scrolls, since daino doesnt have an atribute, yes max meltsis, zalcial is one of the best buff/debuffs in the game

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From crevox translation…meltis changed soon. Sure you can daino scroll but you can also keep 100% uptime with both skill and scroll. And reason I put meltis 1 is because it only add flat damage with increase level so depends on what your aim is.

image Krivis

Krivis are generally recognized as magic damage dealers due to their skills (Zaibas and Divine Stigma), but since they also have multiple buff-type skills, we have adjusted them to be more useful.

This utility has been emphasized by adjusting the effects of Aukuras and Melstis, allowing it to be useful when paired alongside either physical or magical damage dealing Cleric classes.

-While the [Aukuras: Goddess of Fire] buff is active, HP will be restored every time a critical strike is dealt to enemies based on the Healing stat of the caster.

HP Recovery Amount: [Healing] * 70%

-Whenever an enemy is hit by Zaibas, they are stunned for 0.2 seconds.
-Increases your movement speed by 10 for 3 seconds after using Zaibas.

Divine Stigma
-Now spreads to nearby enemies when using Pandemic.

-The effect of this skill has been changed.
-No longer increases the duration of your buffs.
-Upon use, you gain a buff for 60 seconds that provides you with a chance to inflict the [Meltdown] debuff on enemies.

Chance to apply [Meltdown]:
Basic Attacks: 75%
Skill Attacks: 25%

-When an enemy is inflicted with [Meltdown], they lose 1% Physical and Magic Defense per stack of the debuff, and nearby enemies periodically take damage.
-[Meltdown] stacks up to 10 times.
-[Meltdown] has a duration of 20 seconds.
-Area damage is equal to: [Skill Level] * [Debuff Stacks] * [Physical or Magic Attack stat, whichever is higher] * 2%
-Deals damage every 2 seconds.

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Alright, thank you for confirming!

So far I am thinking of keeping my Diev/Druid/Krivis or perhaps go for Exo/Druid/Krivis if there are enough Dievs around. Though, honestly I wish there was another ‘‘Nature related’’ Cleric class. Thank you for your time again!

That’s a life-saver! Been trying to find it for a while, thank you for the help!

If i were you its best to be like this:
1 Aukuras
1 Daino
Max Zalciai
Max Divine
Max Melstis
13 Zaibas

why? using scrolls and having 1 skill in your buff, like aukuras and daino makes u have a priveledge to add lvl attribute. plus zaiba’s dmg isnt that good even u get lvl 15 of it.

Everyone get lvl 1 Aukuras but why level 1 Daino? Daino don’t have attribute…and level 1 buff/duration is shiit.

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Oh yeah i forgot, it doesnt have attri fck… xD lel ty for correction.

looking for a more mobile support. How would I fare if I took priest, oracle and krivis instead of diev? or is that just dumb?

ye dumb.
Leave krivis to your other party member

Post buffs and changes I’d say that Krivis was a pleasant addition to my team combination.

Using a Exo/Druid/Krivis and so far I haven’t been disappointed at all.

that´s the most meta build that everyone uses pls xd, it is imposible to be dissapointed with that build