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Krivis Doubt melstis

Anyone can tell me how to use Krivis Melstis, because i use it no effect at all is it neccessary to learn this skill ?

Meltis double your buff duration (at max level +100% duration). It cannot exceed 20 seconds or above. If you have korup’s set effect + Meltis. You’ll get 20 seconds of 240% damage (8x debuffs) instead of 10 seconds. This is probably one of the reason why Krivis’ Meltis is getting rework in the future.

Otherwise, in most situation like raid/boruta. Korup > Smugis because of meltis.

They can just disable korup+meltis like every other legend set. Krivis revamped just because they lack role for people to play.

There are still many ways to use meltis even if they disable the legend’s set effect with this skill alone. Such as:

Exorcist’s Engakrateia = extra 6 seconds undying efect.
Druid’s Sterea Trofh = 5 seconds extra for 100%+ critical damage.
Plague Doctor Methadone = 20 seconds max Knockback immunity + debuff immunity

Plague’s Doctor + Exo’s Koi combo is properly the best setup so far for any Legend raid run. Even Velcoffer alone with random group.

If they wanted to make Krivis more viable, why not just apply Meltis’ buff toward party group rather than removing it? I’m just saying, i find the upcoming/new changes to Krivis is a bad excuse to remove class that has + buff duration effect.

Same goes to Taoist which synergy really well with Krivis as well.

Anyways, excuse my rant. Just wanted to throw it out there >.>

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You don’t just add up every second like that. If you play krivis, you know you want to utilized meltis at best cos of the long cooldown. Casting few buff already losing few seconds from animation and selecting which buff you want to extend…it doesn’t look as good as your list.

You can find many interaction with krivis and yet krivis still the rare class in party/guild content. (I was the only krivis in boruta most of the time).

Should the skill revert to old cooldown? Idk. It’s a good concept but if they can’t find a way to balance it, then just remove it (rip chrono). And I’m looking forward to the new krivis.

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Pretty much adding few seconds does not make it a viable option when you can cast another skill, since buffs have their limitation, while short buffs are difficult on the timing. You are also making the class as a standup buffer, and contradict with the move around dodge concept when you have to press keys often.

Basically the biggest problem to the game is, they want to design players to dodge and move around, while the design of buff skills are short, where you are forced to stand still and frequently doing buffs (heal bot). Simply contradicting each other.

Should it move to Chrono? I wonder if buff skills are part of Wizards, or should Cleric being the party buffer. Also, the short duration is just meaningless, just to force people onto skill points when it was designed with Ranks?