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[Klaipedia]Cheater in gem Feud


Also I stand up for ME too, cuz he sometimes on my team and sometimes other teams with IggyVamp in my team and started dirty job. I hate that. Simple thing.


You’re a funny person to even suggest I’m defending. There is this funny term called Win Trading which even has a vague definition for victory within it. It’s feeding simple as that, and such cases in enough MMOs look at that on a case by case basis.

Wrong is what is reported by the OP, but judgment is reserved by IMC. Too early to call this is a wrong.


Better defined by ‘Life trading’
I agreed
Then those 2 are still doing ■■■■.
You have IMC to give justice.
We have a community looking for healthy enviroment, even for a game it’s not always good as expected.
But we found the wrong we fight. Aslo, reported to IMC asking for helping us cleaning the air.


I’ll pose this question. If IMC took out MVP for most kills, would it negatively affect the community? Because this would be something they’d look into with this.


About mvp, it is nice to have in this gem feud, why delete it?