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Klaipeda under maintenance

It has been 3-4 nights straight that klaipeda has been crashing. NA Klaipeda under maintenance posted on the website but not a single post from devs yet. What is going on?

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Updoot for attention. I can’t submit a ticket for some reason

It appears as if there’s no reason to try to take playing today seriously.

I noticed crashes very late at night before, but never this consistently and at this hour.

Hope there’s some nice compensation @GM_Francis


d/c twice during jsr and 8 times during gg :joy:

All the channels on Klai have been crashing every few minutes since apparently 1 AM. IMC where are you? @staff

We hit 60% when the server kicked us out and they didn’t even give us a rating. I want my medal!


Klaipeda is still having problems with channels crashing every few minutes. Usually its resolved by now, but why has there not been announcement made?

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good maintenance

disconnect server until fixed ! :tired:

@Staff_Alex the server is on fire yoo


just login in around 3 minutes, connection disrupted 5 times, this is already a very very serious problem, IMC you just still ignore it? Plz post something to let us know you have been doing something!

If you are in NA Klai server and reading this post, please reply this thread, thanks for your help!

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36 hours into Klai being on fire, still no acknowledgment by IMC.

actually the problem is the server cloud/core , sometimes cant link steam to the game sometimes ucant automatch,or just stop link to the server and u get DCED or frozen (you see ure online but when you try change channel or automatch any activity make loading the server you see ure frozen
need restar the client…
any answer?xD or maybe they fix in the next maint is tomorrow

You can still enter btw

and disconnected every 3 minutes?