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[KLAIPEDA] Third Beta Test... hehe xd

  • Team Name: Bhikku

  • Character Name: Bhikku

  • Class Build: W2 - KINO3 - THAUM2 - SAGE2

  • CPU: i5-6500 CPU @3.20 GHZ

  • RAM: 8GB

  • Graphics Card: 1070

  • OS: W10

  • Internet Connection Speed: 65 MBPS


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Literally there is no one

Check out the diversity of guilds:

So besides giving us the wrong date and telling us that it started on the 25th when, in fact, rewards were available on the 24th, there’s literally nobody here and let me tell you why.

GTW ‘Beta Test’ will most likely continue as a joke until the rewards are not trash. There is abysmally low participation in Klaipeda with the exception of the first ‘beta test,’ which was mostly popular due to it being something new and different. No one really cared about the rewards because they were garbage but guilds decided to show up anyways (especially since we have all been waiting for GvG for over a year). However, not much has changed and people have better things to do than throw money out the window for consumables, buffs, repairs, and warps so that they can participate in the ‘third beta test.’

Participation rewards are silly and you can receive them by just entering a GTW map and then leave without doing anything. The only reward for actually accomplishing anything:

  1. Guilds who have their first victory in the Territory Wars during the test period:
  • Recipe - Raid Portal Stone x10 (sent to your guild storage, must be retrieved by the Guild Master at the Event Notice Board before the next Territory Wars session)
  • Soaked Monster Card Album (14 Days) x1 (sent to your inventory, must be retrieved by your character at the Event Notice Board before the next Territory Wars session)

This is just so cringy and awful. Not even per member but literally you want a guild to split 10 raid portal stones between themselves, and a monster card album that costs 100K silver or less (literally less than what I pay for in one repair cost). So yeah, it’s not really surprising that no one shows up except a handful or guilds, or more like a handful of people from a handful of guilds, for the ‘fun’ aspect.

Yes, yes, I can understand that it’s just a test and maybe you don’t want to give rewards when you don’t know if your little GTW even functions properly but it has been over a year since GvG was removed and it is strange for me to think that you need this much feedback and/or testing from players to create a working game mode that is somewhat balanced and without bugs. But then again, we all know what game we’re playing.

I do not begin to understand what goes into making this kind of content but these are just my opinions on the matter :slight_smile:


  • Still sometimes cannot see the icon of the guilds on the GTW UI

  • Miko charms do not protect you from Magnetic Force

  • You can kill an amplifier multiple times and increase the effect of capping a point indefinitely. One person standing on our point while we killed them was gaining points at a ridiculous rate. I think they could have taken the point in 20 seconds or less if we had not quickly killed them or removed them off the point faster.

  • Buff share is still still bugged and often give you buffs without the effect of the buff (i.e. you will have the Ein Sof buff but not increased HP). There is also still a bug with buff share, ein sof, and restrain that reduces your HP to 1 permanently. Yes, 1.


  • Revive invulnerability duration (5s at revive 10) is too long

  • Re-using maps from fields as GTW maps seems like a bad idea but maybe has come too far to matter at this point. The whole point is to keep a Territory at the end of the hour. Having multiple entrances and multiple paths for guilds to attack a defending guild simultaneously feels like it’s just going to be really zergy, heavily in favor of attacking, and not much point in defending.

  • Again, there was barely anyone there, so I cannot tell how bad the FPS will be but the server has been especially bad since the big patch a couple of weeks ago. I’d be disappointed but not surprised to be getting 1 FPS or less when a guild with decent numbers even just appears on my screen, not to mention when the fight actually starts lol.


:man_shrugging: IDK that’s all for now :wave:

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When you don’t show up on day 1 and expect the only people who did show up day 1 to show up on day 2. :thinking:

Telsiai had that rare pre-patch Monday GVG I guess.

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I thought I was trying to convey that I didn’t expect anyone to show up. Not much point other than to enter a GTW map with your alt char that needs EXP buffs and just leave. This was me referring to first beta test when there was actually a lot of people. We should just go uphill or something instead and try to earn money instead of lose it

I get that there would be some attrition, but it’s alarming that the interest in doing it even to provide feedback seems so low. I say this because the last time we only got 3 real days out of the test on these maps because they bugged halfway through.

Problem is, if there continues to be attrition on tests, it’ll get implemented as it is now, and it’s really not in a great state to do so.

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