[Klaipeda] Repoart geared bot user



Is this bot? or what? I have been seeing somebody doing this quit a lot recently.


I think this is some game problem, try pressibg movement key and ALT+TAB, ask your friends to watch your character.


This is not necessarily a bot, just desync from someone who clicked to move with a mouse in mouse mode. I mean, still could be, but kind of impossible to know. He might not even be where you’re seeing him on your client, I would try whispering him next time you see that happen.


I was probably doing something of the sort when my controller was buried under stuff…

Assuming it is a bot, is this a problem? There is no gain of any sort from randomly moving around in Klaipeda, and there is no requirement I know of for people to be responsive to others… so they can’t get punished for that.