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[Klaipeda] Impetus 2020 Recruitment

Impetus was started in 2016 with the goals of an active, dedicated, competitive core of players. Since its inception we’ve been consistently focused on endgame PVE and PVP content, fostering an environment of forward-thinking players with a deep knowledge of the game’s features and theory on class builds and PVE/PVP strategy.

While we won’t turn away any class builds in specific, we have the greatest need for:

  • Big PVE DPS or Supporting Classes

  • GVG/PVP Supports and utility classes, such as cannons, priests, and crowd control

While our focus is highly on PVP and GVG content, we still do weekly guild raids and events, world boss parties, album parties, and currently relevant end-game raids.


To apply, you can whisper Narcissus in game or apply via the guild recruitment interface. If you apply via the interface, I will be attempting to contact you in game. You can also whisper our officers Remiri or Crevox, or several of our active members. We are usually hanging out in south central Klaipeda near the Highlander Master’s building (pictured above).

We look forward to hearing from you!



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Bumping, also just a reminder to please whisper me (Narcissus) in game, especially if you’ve already applied via the Guild Recruitment UI and you didn’t hear back from anyone. Applications in the UI randomly disappear; I whisper everyone who applies first. Thanks!

Hi i recently installed the game, i was wondering exactly which kind of build the guild need for the classes described above.
I wanna start a fresh chat.

Hiya @zanzagear41 !

Feel free to whisper Narcissus or me in game (Remiri) and we can help you out as well as explore your interest in the guild.

im new and also looking for an active discord for tos to help me with my newbishness

A discord would be nice

Thanks, así soon has i arrive home ill whisper.

Hey there, whisper me in game. I’ll be on for a good portion of the weekend.

Back to the top :distinguished:

We have cake and women.

Disclaimer: There might be cake, the women are questionable :eyes:

hey there is space for a guy playing in fediman going for a new character on klaipeda?

Sure, please make a character and PM Narcissus in game and we can chat, thanks!

EDIT: response may be delayed since we are east coast time and work till 5-6pm which is ~5-6 hours away from now


Still recruiting, updated the OP.


hello im Poloventus in game i was trying to reach you guys to join your guild please contact me ill be on for a good while until about 2 EST -5

Bump, still recruiting.

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