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hope can share your GVG experience in after

You’re comparing Apples with Bananas. TBL died in 2016 and most competitive players just stopped bothering with it and eventually quit or went on hiatus. Territory war is completely different than Guild battle league and more like RO’s WoE.
And about Orshans, Telsiai and Silute, let’s be real, these servers are fcked up, including Fedimian. The amount of RMTers and cheaters is unreal compared to Klaipeda. The culture is completely different and people who played other MMO’s in the past know that NA =/= SEA/SA/. The economy inflation on these servers are 100x higher than Klaipeda.
Klaipeda was always the fairplay server among the rest. RMTing =/= Competitive. Pretty Sure NA has the most PvP and GvG experience than the rest of the servers regardless of “our” transcendence or population.


TBL has been very much alive since rank 9, especially in the last month.

I do however agree with this completely, and it’s critical that many approach GVG very differently. However, to Friend’s point, people are going to get discouraged very easily when they aren’t used to even so much as TBLing once or twice since rank 9.

The problem on Klaipeda is actually this bizarre sort of ass backwards elitism. People see others with very good gear, or transcended weapons and armor, and their kneejerk reaction is “oh, that guy had to have RMTed to get it–” even if they have been playing since beta and everyone knows who they are. I think someone in another guild after TBL said last night even when I asked how their gear was, their response was “my gear is just fine, I’m just not a whale.” And they had a mix of full solmiki that was all roughly stage 5.

The most important thing if we all want GVG to be successful–and I think we all do–is to approach it more like “what is this person, who is very clearly successful, doing to be successful? How do I emulate that or counter it while still being able to put my own spin on it, and enjoy it?” Rather than “oh ■■■■ I just got oneshot by this ■■■■■■■ RMT whale ■■■■ that guy.”

It goes both ways, too. People at the top shouldn’t shun or discourage others from getting involved. I’m not saying give all your secrets away, and I’m not saying that people should passively encourage shitty behavior (everyone gets salty of course), but when someone is willing to ask questions about what is making you successful as a guild in GVG (or even as a specific class, in PVP), I think sharing is important to keep the scene alive. And to that end, it’s really important that all guild leaders are willing to take up that mantle.


Thanks for proving the point, account made 4 days ago.


RMT is not an investment. I’ve told people countless times how easy it is to make silver in this game, shared my methods, and mathed it out for anyone who asked. You do not need to spend anything, you do not need to RMT or even buy TP unless you want to buy a token instead of use silver.

Are you kidding? I won’t speak for the other two, but I’m all for normalized gear, it would be great tbh.That doesn’t mean that transcending armor isn’t easy in its current state, and it’s only going to get easier. Leveling alts and doing Saalus is literally the most casual of content you could do, and if you used those shards to actually transcend your armor rather than sell them for virtually nothing on the market or trade for cosmetics which offer you no benefit in PVP, I’m sure you’d see some results. I am 100% against stupid daily bullshit content, anyone who knows me even a little is well aware of it.

Normalized PVP and GVG would be the best thing to happen to this game, leave the ridiculous damage bonuses to the people who think PVE in this game is meaningful and engaging.


Please quote where I said I was against normalized gear, or kindly stfu. I am for it. Also who are you?

I agree that making silver, farming shards etc is kinda easy now. But you can’t defend players that joined the game with Rank 9 and 1 month later are full Solmiki trans 10 like Nenzo. These guys had no clue about the game itself and RMTed hard their way to the top. Now you see him top 4 on TBL.
I don’t go around saying every player that’s trans 10 Solmiki is a cheater cause if i wanted to i would have had full Solmiki trans 10 long time ago.
I don’t like to defame players on the forum, but that’s the truth, and there’s alot more now. Should we make a Klaipeda RMT list, like @Anikk did a couple days ago with Fedi?

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Someone told me to come see this so Im just here to see >.> Sad to see u like this Vau Q.Q, Adrenaline was the first guild i joined and i thought it was a decent guild with nice people. Left the guild in peace never thought u had any problem with me. Accuse me of whatever u want, sure say that im all gear no skill, im complete crap, but i’ll kick ur butt any day with blue armor :slight_smile:

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Either way this conversation goes nowhere. RMT will always exist and what will also exist is alot of people playing the game since beta with no items complaining about RMTing. It’s not going to stop you from being competitive in GvG, so don’t make it the excuse to stop you from trying. Not to mention the fact that Rank 9 content has made it easier to gear up than ever before.

I think people with GvG experience and TBL experience will have an advantage in the upcoming territory wars simply because there are a lot of mechanics that most people (who don’t participate in any PvP content) don’t need to know about. Team Aqua plans on participating in the test but I am not confident in how well we will perform. I haven’t been in this guild for a long time and I don’t have GvG experience but it’s pretty exciting to finally have more content in the game with real rewards. Without knowing what rules they do or do not implement (I’ve heard that they will implement the same rules as TBL?), it’s hard to say how much of a presence anyone will have. I’m worried that it won’t be a great test since the rewards for the test aren’t amazing (in my opinion) and there might be alot of guilds who won’t find that it’s worth participating in.


Sounds moreso like a self deprecating individual who doesn’t invest any time farming hg for drops to sell/silver to function appropriately on a pvp level. That’s just how it comes off.

klai cancer is like 1/5th of SEA cancer so its still ok

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Nah, NA has always had a lot of cancer. Depending on the game, the potential can be pretty amazing too.
I’ve always played on NA servers, I’ve always seen this kind of players. At least on SEA they usually assume they whale or RMT and they laugh it off, on NA servers you always have some claiming they don’t whale when they do.
On NA servers it’s basically shameful to heavily spend money in a game, so a lot of people constantly get triggered and fight over it. And the ones who can’t spend the money also get triggered for whatever reason.

I remember this guy who one day said he whaled, the next day he got triggered by it and said how he just works hard, he’s jobless, doesn’t have much money, and lives in his parents’ basement.
Another one spent like 900-1000 dollars in a month and a half right after joining (I had his logins so I saw it :D) but he was still triggered whenever someone called him a whale, and claimed it wasn’t true.
People are weird… But it’s kind of funny to watch.


What makes you think that mr. lvl 1 alt?

i played 4 matches that entire week. It was all before the last hour of matches :S. /salt


while i would like to throw my guild into GVG as I have warned them I would, i don’t want to turn them off. focusing inwardly, growing what i have and it’s looking great! good post will be looking forward to the updated TBL rankings :triumph:

Thank you for your opinion, random stranger alt account created just now. You have a great day :slight_smile:

Mfw someone came into the thread to call the GMs. I swear it’s like being in first grade except worse because I do it for fun.

My TBL experience count is 4 matches in 18 months and GvG is 0. The game I was playing for 9 years prior to ToS was nothing but PK. So needless to say I’m interested in seeing PK develop on here a lot. Between my technical problems and not having any idea how skills were going to behave caused me to get my azz handed to me in this Beta test.

But it’s motivating to see the developers are working on PK and I will start doing TBL and get things figured out. There was a lot of talk about OP characters in PVP on this thread, but I can say, the game I was on during those years was totally Pay2Win for those that remember that ugly era, but the guild I was in was always competitive (or at least a game changer) in the PK mazes because we were extremely active and extremely organized. That’s the difference in 1v1 or 3v3 combat. Strategy and tactics DOES make a difference.

So yea, I’ll work on knowing my azz from a hole in the ground as it pertains to PVP on this game and hope they get the technical stuff worked out.

Omitting the guild I’m in from your list motivates me too :smiley:

Enjoyed the topic and I see many good points being made.

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GUILD reee

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