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[Klaipeda] Glock


Hi, we’re Glock. We’re recruiting at the moment. Our requirements are that you play the game and can communicate in English. I know, I know, crazy right?. Oh right, we don’t really specialize in anything, we’re all super casual. There is one person here who is always angry though. Not because he got forced to make this topic or anything. Well anyway, the door is open. Just leave a message with your team name below or whisper either: Endbringer, HwaSa, Miasma, or Darknova in game. Smh


Buncha nerds. All of you.


Still recruiting. Approx 10 spaces available. Apply at the guild board or Contact any of us above or Ivy in game.


my team name is IFanaticI if your still recruiting


dasrite we are

Send a message to HwaSa, Endbringer, Darknova, Miasma, or Ivy in game or apply at the board