[Klaipeda] Adrenaline (PvE/Social)


Contact Vau for joining details, thank you!


Bump! We still have available spaces. Come join us for the leveling event where we will be leveling many alts together. :pig2:


Team name: GameOver

Characters (with levels listed): wugushi LV 220, Fencer LV 180, Dievdirbys LV 140

General playtime window: 6PM-2AM

Do you use discord?: yes


Team name:Nitsuga
Characters 293(Wiz3,Ele3,War1,Sage1)130?(Sword3,high3,squire1)170?(Wiz3,Linker1,Thaut1,Chrono1)150 archer
General playtime window:Weekdays weekdays:2000:0200, weekends random
Do you use discord?:yes


Team name:Cutlas
Characters (with levels listed):
270 archer c3-Scout1-Rogue c3
82 sword going dopple
50 cleric going PD
General playtime window:all day in canada time zone
Do you use discord?:yes if needed


team name: -May
chars: lvl 25x pyrolinker2chrono3 , lvl 2xx ele3 wiz 3 going to be warlock, lvl 17x pyro2linker2thaum1 and a few more mules
i play at europian time and i am using discord


Hi :slight_smile: very new to the game, I made bunch of lvl 5-10 chars to test out classes but really enjoying archer so far. she is lvl 27. Ellira. Teamname Wintermorr

I do have discord, but generally is a lurker/rather shy. Activity windows varies, generally busy bee during day and working nights (PST) From California


:blush: cool. tnx for reply


Hello everyone! In light of the new guild changes, we will have quite a few spaces opening up.

I have updated our recruitment information, take a look and feel free to apply if you are interested!

Happy ToSing and see you in-game! :cat:


Thats right! We are looking for mature people to have fun on Tree of Savior. Respect, loyalty, fairplay and kindness are very important attitudes for us.
If you consider you meet these requirements, Adrenaline will be the guild for you.

Message me (Vau) or Katt, in game for further information.



Congrats to Katt for rolling a Cardboard cube from the Donnes event cube 9 minutes before maintenance and the end of the Donnes event, then rolling an Emengard Musket and Shield recipes on the same cube! All the frustrations were paid!



Team name: KingOrGod
Characters (with levels listed): Swordsman (140) / Wizard in progress
General playtime window: Afternoon-nightime / Typically 5+ hours
Do you use discord?: Yes
I just started but i’m a pretty hardcore player and I leveled this swordsman in 1 day.
I’m all about hitting the endgame asap and i’m looking for a solid guild to enjoy it with. :slight_smile:


Bump bump bump! :pig:

Give us a ring if our guild interests you–happy ToSing and see you in-game!


Team name: HundredBeast
Characters (with levels listed): Wiz3>Elem3> WL2 (328) SW1> HL3> Barb1> Dopp2 (220) CL1> Bok1> Sadhu3> PD2 (28)
General playtime window: between 8-12 server time
Do you use discord?: Yes


We’re back at it again! Guild lvl 12. Message me in game ( Vau) if you wish to join our family!