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[KLAI] B> Canine Head Decoration or Monster Materials to make it

Looking to craft the Canine Head Decoration but having an issue finding monster materials that no longer drop from monsters.
Currently have:
1/ 11 Battle Boss Fang
0/16 Brown Rambear Bones
5/5 Straw Mat

If I can’t find anyone to sell the monster mats I’d like the opportunity to purchase the completed item. thank you!

remind me of how tos get fortress shield back
i felt like i was participate in bring it back cause they add it back after event with gm in itos and gm asked sort of feedback after the event so me and my guildies asked for it and somehow they added it to ktos and finally we received it as well
so the best chance rather than go to ticket maybe joining season server, meet the gm, and give him feedback