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Kindly RAISE my TP limit!

I’m a returnee player, I first played TOS way back 2017. I purchased 300 TP bundle in the store last week and spend it on costumes and hair. Yesterday, I wanted to buy the Goddess’ Blessed Cube so I purchased another 300 TP bundle again. However, the TP spending limit popped up on my screen and it stated there to send a ticket, so I did send a ticket to them. But then again, their reply was like this:

*Greetings Savior,

Thank you for contacting us.

We’re here to inform you that based on your Steam purchase data, we will be unable to remove the monthly spending limit on your account, kindly contact us again after a few days for another verification.

Should you have any further concern, feel free to contact us again, and we will gladly help in any way we can.


Tree of Savior Support Team*

So they are unable to remove it…
I really want that power rangers costumes because I am a fan of it since my childhood. I’m really disappointed with this restriction. I understand this is to prevent fraudulent actions but don’t IMC know they’re also affecting legit players? This starts to get annoying. I REALLY WANT TO BUY THAT GODDESS’ BLESSED CUBE or else!!!

I’ve read another topic that I have to wait 30 days before they lift my restriction. Well that’s INSANE! I have to wait that long then the Goddess’ Blessed cube will end by then, and I’ll be regretting if I don’t have one. And also I’ve read that the limit is based on the age of steam account, I created my account way back 2017 and isn’t that enough? I started to play TOS when it was still LAG, MAINTENANCE ALL THE TIME, and BUGS EVERYWHERE…When cleric heal was just tiles!!! I played cleric before

Please IMC, I just want a raise in my TP spending limit!
I’m a returnee player, and is this how you treat me? :cry::cry:

PS: 30 DAYS is too long to wait can you reduce it to just 1 week or 2 weeks? Don’t you want our MONEY? Yes?

its not the end of the day
some people shouting/selling those stuff in market

Nah I’d rather be saving silver for enhancing, enchanting, awakening and transcending weapons and armors. That’s why I’ll buy costumes with real money instead.

funny because i did all of these with tons of events freebies lately.

Well, good thing for you but in my case, I came in late behind of these “events” you said. So all I’ve been doing now is enhancing, transcending, enchanting, awakening weapons and armors manually with required materials and not getting free from events. How am I supposed to get free stuff if there’s only limited time left for me. You don’t get my sentiments though you know how costly the costumes are when bought in silver, and how hard it is to earn up money in game. So it’s wiser to save up silver for upgrading weapons and armors instead so that’s why I’ll use real money for the costumes rather than spend it with silver Lmfao :unamused: :expressionless: