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Kill the forum already

This forum is dead, just kill it already


Is that supposed to be sarcasm ?
ha! derp


You KEKW what you pogU

Dead forum perfect fit for dead game.

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its fine, the forum situation represent the game situation itself
besides if discord is now the busiest platform they try to be active they shouldve advertise it here more properly, meanwhile theres not even a single hint of link to this game official discord in homepage, just link to dead yt, fb, and ig, the news about discord page not even pinned in forum lmao
with such lackey job its enough to judge the game management

The game is on life support. Don’t expect a swift death right away. It’s a bit sad because this game had so much potential, and the people left are just tryhards or nasty trolls.

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I would rather call them masochist
They love being tortured by imc incompetency and easily satisfied with new same-crap-gimmicky content update

As for the main topic, this forum clearly serves no other purpose but an extension to news page
It’s neglected by either staff and players as not a single staff appears to answers stuffs nor players

Funny when the topic is about slapping some sad facts like this some white knights will still appear
Meanwhile real question ignored for long or not even answered at all lol

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The company is at fault, but some players are just as bad. I’ve seen ppl in the main Discord saying things like “don’t bother experienced players with your ignorance if you are new.” What kind of mentality is that? That is how you push new/returning players away, turning this game into a cesspool of nasty whales who refuse to delete the game. They have swiped so hard, they feel they have invested so much to call it quits.

I don’t recall this happening on the official discord? Most people will come forward and try to be helpful

bad players are everywhere even in most populated mmo. in any case where mmo falls the company is always the core problem, the company born scapegoat, players irl almost as close as untouchable. dev basically god of game, if anything bad happen by players, as simple as toxic comments that build opinion, its the company or more precisely the dev and publisher fault, where in this case both are imc, because the system flaws let them to like the void of monitoring, moderation or prevention system, whether inside or outside of game.

this. any smart newcomer who trying to get to know the game should be able to judge how bad the game management is with this, among many many other things that just show how terrible it is, and if they manage to stick around they will only witness themself that worst of it the management is not getting better or fixed, its just getting worse.
on whiteknight defense edition “duh, just google it” and with same mindset just freaking delete this whole site and resort everything to discord because promoting the game most active social platform properly in its own official site was probably never been a task delegated by the director. the director might not even have a second to spare to see how their underling tasks done. heck im not even sure if there is separated promotional or marketing team, maybe in tos case they are also worked as manager also as developer other time publisher and even other times janitor, maybe who knows.

this is no complain though, its actually good thing the company show its true face instead of conceal it like how holy whiteknight did all this time. in fact such thing like this is shame they cant cover lol. defending something that can be fixed by simply adding discord badge in homepage or pinning discord link news in forum is absurdity, you just tolerate them to be lazy.


and they are all interns…idk…maybe…who know?..hakkyu kim know?..maybe…maybe not
hakkyu kim currently busy butchering seyong-kim-pc-tos budget for his new-hakkyu-kim-tos-mobile


i wonder what his argument will be when tosm fail miserably like tos pc
maybe something like

ragnarok is the only game i ever developed


where do i categorize then / w \

Where are hakkyu kim #1 hater @sin690906