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Kill Stealing despite attempts to talk

  • Reason for report :

    1. I came into the map when there was one other player. We kinda had an unspoken agreement to split the maps 50-50 as whenever we come across with each other, we stop attacking immediately and go separate ways.

    2. Everything was fine until a third player came into the map. This player decided to go around killing everything in his/her way and I called out to him/her a few times before finally asking if he/she can stick to their spot. (Shown in the screenshot below)

    3. The player did not respond nicely and continued to kill everything in the map, saying that the whole map belongs to him/her. When I commented that I was here first, he/she then said “ks me then”.

    4. Along my way out of the map, the other player that had an unspoken agreement of splitting the map earlier also had difficulties getting any kills as I saw his/her kills getting taken too.

  • Server : Telsiai [SEA]

  • Team Name : MoKaTeA (Player who committed KS)

  • Location : Demon Prison 2

  • Approximate date / time (EDT) : 4:57PM GMT+8, 2/3/2019

  • Evidence


Lol //chars xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

woah! usually people in DP2 just usually form a party with the people they randomly meet, and then go full mob killing on all parts of the map.