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Kayn - TW Feedback

  • Team Name: MrKayn

  • Character Name: Jacob

  • Class Build: Wiz2-Kino2-Linker3-Sage2

  • CPU: Intel® Core™ i5 CPU

  • RAM:16gb

  • Graphics Card:AMD Radeon HD 6800 Series

  • OS:Window 7

  • Internet Connection Speed: 50 down/60 up

  • Country/State:BC Canada

:thinking: idk computer stuff so im iffy on the info on my pc.


The first day - 3/10. Could be worse…

  • First time entering was a lag fest. Too many guilds all at once caused huge stutters. I didn’t crash thankfully.

may not be a problem once testing phase is over cause several maps will open.

  • I was able to just spam skills inside safe area :v killing players while they exited.

give like 2-3 second invincibility buffs after leaving?

  • The point system and such wasn’t showing. Couldn’t tell who had control or how many points I had etc~

  • :shrug: wasn’t even sure how but I was reviving to full health near the start of the event. Didn’t have revive nor was I near teammates.

  • Too many guilds in one map. Holy we had at least 8 big guilds or so… with probably 10+ per guild. Having all of us spawn in that one area pretty much made things worse and everyone just afk’d there after.

  • Certain items can be used such as “Charm of Protection” and HP/SP Elixers. (Used several of them :'D) and from what GM Guava said “TBL rules applied” soooo???

  • Certain text isn’t even translated yet. (Winner text etc) uhhh should get on that.

  • :v spawning back into fedi was kind of a hassle.


Day 2

  • Went to Genar Field, probably only had like 5 guilds and about 30 or less players. It ran quite smoothly, no lags, delays etc.

  • PvE boss felt so out of the way from everything in that map. Also a choke point to enter the boss.

Possible strategy to control PvE bosses :smiley: which sounds great~

  • The safe zone - very abusable, I can walk/blink out attack and blink into the safe zone again before any range attack hits.

Uhh maybe we shouldn’t be able to attack inside the safe zone? just buffs I guess and have like a CD for safe zone buff>???

  • Ran into a weird bug maybe? killed an enemy as when they were supposedly inside safe zone (near the edge of it). Had like very little hp to begin with. Used spirit shock for the final blow.
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Day 3

  • Zplus addon works~ and is way too helpful for this style of play. Not sure if this will become like a game breaking tactic? :woman_shrugging:

  • Mounting pet and entering wasn’t allowed.

  • Entering on 2 different alts is possible.

:woman_shrugging: got nothing else to say it’s been the same really.