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Kabbalist doubts

How important are the skills Gematira, Notarikon and Gevura? I want to add Kabba to my brand-new cleric but if possible I don’t want to invest points here or at least know how it works to get the best out of it. Am I really going to use them very often?

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it depends on your build, if you’re a somehow damage dealer cleric, then those skills are a good bonus to increase damage. Geomatria and Notarikon only work to calculate a number for Gevura, you use one, and if the number is too low, you recalculate a new number with the other skill, then you use Gevura, this skill is a debuff than increases the damage they take, and the number sets Gevura and gives it a bonus damage, I’m not sure about the damage increase the numbers give, but Gevura has a damage increase by itself.

For example if you use Geomatria and you get a 3, then you use Notarikon to see if you get a higher number, once you get a high number then you use Gevura, if you get a 7 and use Gevura, you’re gonna see the number on the boss or monsters transforms into “Gevura X number”, in this case Gevura 7

If you don’t take the skills, don’t even bother with Kabbalist. Kabbalist without Gevura is just a bad healer

I have a Priest Oracle Kabbalist as main healer.
I can say without any doubt Kabbalist has only 3 usefull skills: Tree of Sephiroth, Gevura and Ein soft.
The others are niche skills (like revenge sevenfold or naschas) or useless skills (wheels, cloning).

You can ignore Gevura yeah, but the other skills aren’t that good. If you just want some damaging skills, go plague doctor instead or Druid.

Let’s be honest. You get Kabba bc of class costume.


I have at the moment exorcist + diev and I was thinking of going Kabba but as you guys said it is strongly advised not to pick it. I don’t wanna go PG …
Maybe I’ll pick either Druid or Miko. Haven’t decided yet.

imo you pick Kabba for the attributes (cloth = +5 movement speed and blocking) and (+20% max magic damage when using rod). And along with those you get an OK heal circle, mediocre debuff removal circle, and a healing booster/hp booster buff.

So it’s a side class to buff a magic cleric’s dps and you have enough points for everything. May as well use Gevura for tough monsters. Max everything and don’t touch Sevenfold. Use Clone for a point dump.

It should be your 3rd class, tho, since the attributes don’t kick in until 300+ for some awful reason. And tbh you’ll probably only use Ein Sof and Tree with the occasional Gevura.

lol, no one “strongly advised not to pick it”. if you’re following an specific build, Diev/Kabba was a must long time ago because Tree of Sephirot helped to heal your statues, since the skill was nerfed, you should pick Priest, but you can still pick Kabba if you want

Exo/Druid is really good, and kinda OP in PvP, you use Thorns then blast everything with Rubric and Henge Stone increases +1 the level of installations, Miko on the other side is a good option for Diev since Clap increases the duration of the installations. Both are good options, but druid would give you more damage, Miko would increase the durations of statues, but it doesn’t add much besides that because of the lack of skills in the class, you only have hayama for damage, kabba gives you some side damage and “heal”, and priest just gives you Mass Heal for the statues, nothing more

I’m going for Kabbalist. Whether it works or not I’ll come back here to give my feedback.