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Kabba Rider TOS

vid by The glorious evolution

Fun things are fun.


How to do that unlimited range cast. :joy:

By looking at the video, it seems you just go to the other end of the map then use Camp Warp (set on the other end of map) as soon as you put down Merkabah. Requires some timing I guess.

This might be doable using Warp Stone too. Reminds me of this Impale + Warp Stone video I recorded:

Yes that’s right. Use basecamp warp or stone warp with merkabah.

This just gave me a pretty fun idea.

Something like a c3 Merkabah Taxi Shop service designed for traveling larger maps. Maybe like 2-3 maps/rides per player. You get to set the ride’s start/destination or route, and it does this… but a bit faster.