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Just realize this new nice subtle ALT feature

When you highlight your equipment, hold Alt button and it will show this

number under bracket show maximum value
green colored value means you already reached max value.

sadly it doesnt differentiate ichor source, for example

eventho that random ichor come from lv 430 primus, they still show max value for savi dysnai


While it’s still in “item form” (aka Primus Dysnai non-ichored), you can also do the same Alt thing to see the max values for it. Seems like IMC bound the “maximums to display” based on the level of the item being viewed.

This and the “green bold” numerical value indicating “max” was a nice change for quick reference. Also, you can’t do this [alt] to ichored items already, nothing shows up.

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Nice! Thanks for further experimenting!

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