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Just hit end-game... I think

I just hit 438 lvl and got stuck. I came up to “EP12 Dusk and Dawn 4” but the boss knocks me down in one shot. I don’t know what I can do right now, I have no more quests to do, I can’t do dungeons on the same level as me.
I am not very far from this kind of games, but I can’t really find anything to do, is there any guide or similar that can help?

i know that feel, use the ep11 set reward, find some moringponia fixed ichor, not too expensive, 5m for each armor ichor, try to get maximum hp and defense by taking buff and food
Buy some small elixir hp, it will be helpful
good luck to finish ep12 boss

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Find a guild and search for help, you can kill the boss with a party, usually a healer is enough. Study for ways to get better gear, and go to Skiaclipse and Misrus, I have managed to do with 25k defense, after learn how to do it.

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you don’t need to complete this quest asap, episode 11 is the last episode that currently grants additional rewards for completing the episode, and you can always go and do the additional side quests per map from the Mercenary Outpost members in Klaipeda, which give you additional EXP cards for hunting x monsters on a map.

This will tremendously shorten the time required to grind to max level without having to complete the last questline.