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Just got to the endgame, how should i progress in gear?

I have at this moment my main character at lv 437 (fencer>mata>barb) and a farmer 430 (sr>ench>cor).
The thing is: with the +11 t10 savinose gear, the endgame content seems overwhelming.
I know i should aim for the varna equips,. but one skiaclipse feather costs ±1,2M.
So what can i do? Farming for the varna equips seems unreal, because i am not equipped for the content. The only option i see here is farming silver like hell, so i can maybe buy the equips…

Is there something i am missing? Should i get some intermediate set (like velcoffer) before going for varna? Or is there a easier way to farm it?

Honestly, this is the most complicated endgame mmo i’ve ever played…

Buy fixed ichors. I recommend moringponia for new players. If you want the top, buy 2 plate/cloth/leather with full potencial and do the ichor transmutation. This will help you to do OW15 solo (5, 6 and 7 are the best).

Obs: OW15 stage 7 = 1.4kk of silver per run ~ (I don’t remember the exact value). Stage 6 = 1.kk~.

Is it ok to use fixed even if they are not refined/transcended? I happen to have a wastrel rapier, but even though the stats are good, the raw dmg is so low…

Also, ty for the tips. Right now i am able to solo OW15 until stage 6, maybe i will try the 7 stage…

he meant ichors, not the wastrel/asio/etc itself.

I assume you don’t know how ichors work yet, correct?

For EP11 freebie savinose, you can equip a “Fixed” Ichor on them. Meaning ichors of non random stat equipment.

  1. +11 t10 savinose is fine, this is what I use on all my alts; the question is: how upgraded are these? did you equip a fixed ichor? did you socket gems? unfortunately if you use the [ep 11] set you cannot add awakening or jewels, but at least adding a fixed ichor and some gems should make you powerful enough to tackle the Legend Skia raid for Varna upgrades

  2. join a (friendly) guild and ask for carry – if you go with some powerful friends, you can leave them clear the raid at the beginning, slowly improve your character, then finally you’ll be able to help