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Just came back, had a couple issues

I just returned after a few years and noticed all my characters have numbers after the name. I was informed it was because of a server merge by support but now I’m forced to change all my characters names for 9 TP. I feel like the better solution would of been to give everyone a scroll that doesn’t go away for each character. I owned my names on both servers but lost them completely and was given 1 and 2s after the names. I feel like putting 1s after the names wasn’t really necessary.

My second issue is my account was given marketplace restrictions again for some reason. I know this is meant to stop RMT from new accounts but my account is literally years old. Why was restrictions placed on my account? I’ve already contacted support and was basically given “no” bot responses. I don’t feel like playing if I have all these problems returning. Sorry for rant.

They give a free event for change name years ago, too bad you’ve missed it.

Because you are treated as a new account, try to log in after weeks.

We’re all have the same feeling. Delete the game and stay away for your wallet’s safety.