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Just anvil item got VGA

What wrong with your server this weeks ? all got worst after 2x maintance before
this already 47x VGA on 1 Days, because anvil on town only.



48x that anvil bug exploit thing that will reroll the potential? hmm


1 more maybe i got free soap ?


nope, it just normal anvil, until got poor

try turn off all graphic effects.and also try do it in empty map like bokor master room

Try without addons. A lot of these problems are caused by addons.

just remove all your add-ons might one of them causing this.

i done delet all addon and


done 50x crash


Didn’t experience VGA in ages, but currently I cannot close the game from in-game areas, it always stops working and I have to manually terminate the process. So I have to go back to lodge and press exit, in that case the game closes properly.