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Just another boring farewell

this is critics. its personal opinion. its long so read it only if you have time and you can bear with my english. if you die hard fan of this game, imc white knight alike, you may leave. if you want argue go on i wont read it cause i left already lol. if you flag this you steals imc opportunity to realizes its game situation, if they ever play it, so maybe they make better decision in the future.or maybe not.

im back to check stuffs and after playing through endgame, almost completing every endgame gear except luciferi necklace or seal lv 5, reading the latest patches implemented to ktos from cleric patches, wiz patches, new contents, field silver removal and so on, i gotta to say i truly disappointed and skeptical about the game future and im ready to quit fully

as an MMORPG ToS:rebuild,

the Multiplayer Massive aspect of this game is dead. you can find majority people afk in town, and the rest are in their own instance cm/ds/raid or any solo content. (you can find bots in baubas still, to get the vibes of multiplayer in open field so dont worry, more like multi bots though) Even worse the playerbase decreasing steadily. During server “dead” time its so dead that you cant even get 5 man party for contents, even in the most busiest server with players across regions that a party end up asking for just anybody to even let him afk just because they want more loots.

the Open world aspect of this game is definitely dead. the game only leave tons of maps for no purpose at all, its just a place for you to open instance dungeon, with no background story, no continuity, little to no NPCs, a tiny amount of main quests, no sub quest and dont even dream about hidden quests, treasures, collectible mats. NO. its all gone.its all dead. this game has turn into instance dungeon style game now that focus on heavy grinds.

i once completed rinksmas ruin main quest and be like:
WHAT? IS THAT IT? [real response, with no exaggaration at all.]
the map is only have like 3 quests and you jump to another map in like 5 minute.
what a hilarious memorable experience of adventure.
i kill mobs, spinning wheel of fate which sounds awesome but it appear its just RNG of mobs, not fate, then kill mobs again, a scene where giltine steal the prophecy slates that i never have in my inventory but the story still goes on which is absurd, then i got teleported to overly-used map and then teleported again to new map. WOW.

on contrary, in ragnarok online i can mention all mobs for example in payon area, every single one of them, and their details, because they are memorable, they created memories, a good one, of an open world mmorpg.
Of course i can still remember what rinksmas mobs are look like, or even episodes 12 mobs but not because they are memorable but because they are the same punching bag with same global drop.
older maps where craft different crafting mats drop each map is better, oldest map with variety of drops from common to unique, that left unused, neglected, was the best. your choice to discontinue and neglecting it is the worst.

the game really go the opposite of fun and instead go for more boring braindead endless grindy instance-y content even deeper

they also start selling gears/accesories that thankfully only help in leveling but who knows whats in their sleeve for the future “botanic” set
they also start selling easy ticket to reach almost maxed caps which always increasing each season which is absurd
(previously the cap of jump ticket is its 440, so basically dont play this game or waste your money until they announce last max caps lol. thats money and time saved. and most importantly you save yourself from boredom)
its like implicitly telling you gotta grind harder or if you sick of it please buy cubes.
like how you introduced new sole hunt, the new limit and along with it premium sole hunt vouchers or dvision singulatiy along with its premium vouchers and now-premium-only multiplier token

sorry to say.theres no fun in it.just grinds.
the game is still charming with its graphic style, design, classes concepts. but im afraid, to me, thats it.

imc:no! new giltine raid is fun! its hard and the mechanic is challenging! new dungeon area is big, hard and fun as well!.
its just gonna end up like white witch, varna or any other outdates dungeon. its gonna end up become chores that so repetitive with no valuable memorable excitement to it except for funnelling and weaponizing alts, hoarding silvers for incoming grindy content or use the luck of your life in abysmal RNG of valuable drop. it got no soul
it will be the same like white witch that is also lack of soul when its arrived. Of course i read somewhere, that glacia is sister or somewhat related to crusader master, who is mutated and become mad and idk why she have to kill you but the point is in game story building is so lacking.
You could go with better story building, more amount of prequisite questlines, good writings, good plot, flashbacks, but no you didnt.its bland.
that why i also dont memorize it really well.
Its so unlike long long ago for example with rexipher story which i personally think is the most memorable and i like rexi and next to it gritta.
So again, these new raids, new dungeon, they will just take part in my memory as how to perform/dodge mechanics, its soulless.

who needs more powercreep with those goddesses cards, new gear slot, new dungeon type, or new item tier. are you run out of idea to keep your player busy or to keep them spending money to dodge wasting time grinding?
are we gonna end up with next max damage caps, and later on more bulky mobs, and later on more powercreep and this pattern will continue?
Or we can just call it day, enough power for incoming contents, tougher mobs are meant to be kill longer, not just 5 min instance content where you just spam skills brainlessly.
The new relic dungeon will be another weekly cm/ds with a little bit of walking with new type of mat for the new type of gear. The new card is just another whale tier card that will boost your damage and you will want it because if you are whale you will felt so weak because the mobs are boosted as well. is this pattern going to be routine of “next content”?

even the latest personal housing which promised as “casual” feature feels neglected already. you dont even monetize it. where you should because it counts like cosmetic, without being greedy of course, make sense pricing, to the level of micro transaction, and of course with the needs of pay also make housing more rewarding but no. you just neglecting it all the way. its there as feature but its dead except to keep you afk and again use the luck of your lifetime in abysmal drop of carpet which seems to be goddess tier item.

also new automatching will be dead. remember how we used to have party search feature, that end up dead, and discontinued because if its improved its going to show how sad the truth of active playerbase is? like how current automatch for dungeon,uphill or even raid that so long dead and neglected as well?
you think buffs enough to incentivize the remaining players especially when you give time gate to the feature like how you limit gem feud and tbl which still not improved at all but in some ktos patch you said you “maintained” it? idk guys to me it doesnt seem to be maintained. its neglected. only if a class or build abuse a bugs, or foundout good combo that will end up nerfed. Or guild wars [not gtw] that supposed to be like open pvp but then again, its there but its dead.

the :Rebuild aspect of this game is also dead you may need a new title for the game cause im so sure its no longer rebuild especially when i read latest wiz patches. sure they become more focuse, they have more synergies but the combination is so limited that makes it sooo linear. you basically dictate players what class to pick because there is combo/synergies in the build, otherwise you become not optimal.
the game turn combinations into

instead of


*images just for examples/illustration

the point is builds becomes more linear that meta build, which already stands out, bulged even more. instead of making more synergies/combo which is actually key in combining/rebuild classes and also to disperse meta you instead making it worse by simplify optimal scenario build. for example to make an archetype build optimal you gotta pick A-B-C-D. you can still change D with any but you will lost the combo of C-D and the rest of option have no combo with B and C. and B-C just synergies too well and boost the most, creating highest dmg output and thats how you called it balance. Meanwhile the rest of options are neglected, queue for unknown rebalance date whether for synergies/combo/fix which is unlikely or just plain further nerf which is more likely like cleric patch and latern on you will reimplement what you stole as art or vv effect to safe some effort like what you did to inquisitor. well done.
this certainly more manageable, less effort if any unbalance occured, but this is no longer live up to its name :rebuild. its just :build but hey!! follow the path please!
a poor free spirited guy ask to a youtuber who main archer in ktos, how QS going to be, only to get his hope destroyed by the fact that noone main QS in contents/leaderboard and the only optimal build, but still not-so-favored for crossbow is by picking 2 classes that is scenario of combo B-C thats not even includ QS. rip.

so the only thing left is RPG:

Tree of Sadness

cause im no longer a savior and its sad to leave but the company decisions and its direction of the game, is not what i expect from mmorpg.


Well Said!! you have pretty much summarized the state of the Entire Game .

TOS is wide as a Ocean but only Deep as an Puddle.
The never Ending Grind and Endless Power upgrading.
Some Causal Players play for the Cute Graphics (1- 6 months MAX).
The WHALES play for the BIG Numbers game by spending thousands of $$ and Years of gametime.

rest left are the AFK players and NPCs … and players who come and go in between
i dont think its possible to fix TOS anymore… its a bit too late.
and yup, u made the right decision… maybe comeback for a while & check when Ep13 + 64 bit releases ,before it gets boring within 2 weeks that is…hehe


This man just wrote down every single thing, that what makes MMO, a MMO, and exactly the way that TOS is running off in every single possible way right now.

As much of a person that loves playing MMO, totally agreed. Regards, mah man.

To every other people out there, do enjoy the time being able to play with the people around you.


While I agree with a lot of your points I think this game will still hold some value for people that want to play for nostalgia and progress further with their investments.
The content is still being pushed out and its a popularity in Korea which I doubt will wane anytime soon.
I do expect IMC to at least put some effort into addressing iTOS playerbase concerns and show at least some transparency with the community. (I remember the devs were very active in the first 3 years of the game - where are they now?)

With that being said, I suspect a lot of players WILL return with the new 12-2 and Ep 13 content. You should consider returning around that time.


They won’t. They gave up on it a long time ago due negativity/toxicity on the playerbase side.

People are leaving because of the current game state and direction, new content doesn’t address any of that.

They may, but what really matters is retention. If a player comes back to see the new stuff and realize the reasons that caused it to leave haven’t changed at all, they will just leave again. It’s the same as seasonal servers, the game gains a small population boost and then goes back to the previous size if not lower (and this snowballs).

There’s not even a glimpse of a sign that IMC wants to change direction, they will rather die on spot than try any significant change that could harm their hardcore players, those who don’t like it are noticed it are giving up. I won’t deny that changing direction now isn’t a dangerous move but the current direction won’t save it either. As painfully as it is for me to say this - Ragnarok Online, a game released on 2002, does a better job as an MMO than ToS because it follows most of the basic principles of what an MMO needs to work as a game, and it’s as flawed as ToS.

It may survive 2021 but that’s not enough, it has to grow, specially when one of the biggest companies in the world recently announced they will make a brand new MMO after taking a significant chunk of the online card game market. A game population can colapse at a certain point and kill the game over night, they have to act before it is too late but it feels like they stopped caring a long long time ago. If they want the game to last long they should care, cause every server that dies can make players question how long their server will last, and if they should drop consider dropping out.

Everybody that was following the game since before re:build believe it could be a behemoth MMO if it played their cards right, but every time they got one hit for two misses, now it is sinking towards this convoluted mess of diablo/PoE clone it became. I wish you had the chance to play it on its former state, it had way more issues than it has now (like being stuck with a terrible build forever and classes that were beyond unplayable) but it was at least fun and we were free to play and explore however we wanted to.


I’m curious how they will make seasonal servers work going forward if silver was removed. I can’t imagine a lot of seasonal players suddenly joining main without ichor’d end game gear. The Ep12 rewards PALES in what is required for endgame content.


As a returning/new player it only took me a few days to play and really see for myself how the game was doing since I saw a lot of veteran players saying how IMC let everyone down and even though I haven’t reached the endgame content because of the grind/silver issues that all the new player has to go through and I’ll be honest, there’s nothing in that to keep the new players motivated to grind like this (was this supposed to be the grind which all MMOs have? idk since I never picked up an MMO to play like that before), but oh well…
I simply agree with all said here. I’m sad to see all of this since I loved this game from the beginning (I mean when the game was announced, I couldn’t play this before though). I liked the game a lot, I liked the combat and class style (although I wished that more builds could be possible and not just follow any stupid meta, it is no fun to have to choose X class just because the one you wanted is useless and I don’t like to see everybody using the same stuff, is like living in a world full of yourself with different clothes).
Honestly I have no hopes for the better nor anything but I’ll try to enjoy the best as I can until I get full of it which will not take long I guess. I just wanted to say all of that as a new player and I know that a lot of people will either keep away from this game or play until they realize everything stated here.


The game is no longer called tree of savior, is now called Tree of cube, or tree of RNG <3


thanks for the laugh.

this summarize it all

this is one of the most huge problem, and its just the surface.

i got you. its like watching movie called Jones :the zombie slayer but there is no zombie at all

farewell dude
i will join you soon enough cause the disappointment is real and it keep getting worse

of course if you side with imc, they are just small company, with only 2 games iirc, probably lacks of financial support of investors to spice up the game, highly rely on gacha cubes income that support the whole game and pay all its bill, and most definitely lack of human resource.

right now they only try the bare minimum, to keep the game alive, to milk the last spurt.
they create new content, so they can make premium vouchers or premium material so you guys with money and hate the wait to be “stronger” can get early access and flex, but then who to flex? especially when the f2p dont get the fun experience from the game and rather leave
when whales flex to each other its like a lamborghini owner flex to each other, its boring and less cool.

the game now just exist not to create history of a memorable game like ragnarok, which also currently have its brand and legacy exploited, milked in every single one of its new mobile title with no improvement at all, maybe because now most developer are just the same
they want to create money, not history

Tos will be just another generic rpg that history never mention about

ayy the whiteknight appeared and use its trump card
some people really cant take critics eh
yeah, the game is always right, so the devs, nothing wrong about it
if the game keep dying let the game succumb cause its own doom
and your ignorance take part in it
only by then you realized the time or money you spent was wasted over something not so memorable
just grinds


Both can be true.

You can see the faults in a game and still enjoy it.

You play as long as you enjoy it, play another game for a while and return to your previous game when an interesting update occurs.

for the records, even though i wrote disclaimer already and i said i will leave,
(im really here cause i saved last opened page and see (3) next to the tab lol)

im not doomsaying the game. nor spread negativity.

i may be too lazy to go to ticket and end up with auto respond
and im simply disappointed, assign my resignation as savior, then stated my critics about the game
just like how a good company would ask me when i left, except for the disappointment part, and part where i stated this in open forum

cause i also disappointed with your support/ticket system cause from 5 tickets i sent last year none of them responded properly.
for example simple bug/error report that neglected for months like paladin arts->attribute, sadhu prana tooltip, haloween candy 2h mace skin graphical glitch and so on
none of them responded properly, followed up or fixed. just auto responds

also just because i told the family that their daughter have little chance to live that doesnt mean im doomsaying, i told them based on facts that her cancer is stage IV and its already spread to her important organs that its too late to perform treatment or surgery.

as in the case of tos, im not doomsaying, i just stated in game situation based on my opinion, not surprisingly, many agrees, and when opinions are supported by many it can be fact,but it can be not as well

and im not the one who create the situation, im not the cancer, you guess who.
and its not like its loo late to change direction, though some here said its gonna be risky and so on

honestly i dont care anymore, whichever direction you take, go on
i lost my interest playing this game, not even when i see that episode 12-2 or 13 pop up
or having my favorite classes buffed properly which im so sure its not gonna happen.

You are not doomsaying, you are spitting facts.


Feel you, bro. I dedicated a lot of time, efforts, art and money on this game. Tried to raise the fan art and story creation so artists would be as respected as in ToSJP and KToS, or supported like in RO. Not to mention that many active artists noticed the game started to go down with MAGGI’s departure; which was actually a big demotivation for many.

Me, along Hillgarm and Kiyoshiro (both veterans) revived the ToS Wiki that had no hope during its previous management (still incomplete, tho) and worked so hard on bringing the lores there, along visual content because IMC won’t just do it. Much less bring contents outside of ToS. So, most of the contributions are made by fans for fans.

Unlike RO, IMC don’t take good decisions nor hear the community. I cannot blame them, because its full of toxicity to the point they even got tired of people and started being cold around. But, you can really see the management difference between ToS and RO.

ToS started very well and has a lot of potential, but it slowly went down to the point nothing can save it from closing.


a lot of IMC white knights will consider these posts are doomposting/doomsaying when in its clearly a fact in game


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one of their game probably already met its doom
and thats 1/2 of their pc games lol

In all these years of Tree of Savior, complaints and suggestions from the player base have hardly been heard. Everyone who is still here knows that the game cannot be fixed anymore, and even if there is a way, it will never be popular again. A long time has passed since the hype of the first year, the first year was fundamental to consolidate the game into something like the ragnarok that is played until today, even if someone says that the ragnarok official servers are dying, there are several private servers opening and closing every week and so on. Now my big question is, if everyone here already knows that the game does not have a very good future, why bother opening a topic to point out the problems of the game? Why debate this? The great truth is that no one cares, not even the player base that is still here and not the game’s devs.

I don’t want to offend anyone, I just wanted to understand why you guys keep debating the same flaws in the game if it won’t change anything, if you like the game and are not happy about its current condition, look for something else to have fun and quit ToS . It is much better than being disappointed with each update.

And if you do not want to leave, because you like the game and have faith that the game will be better someday, play without crying on the forum to each topic of this type please.


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you ranting without reading the title. or even the poster disclaimer.or even everyone comments
there is no one debating here because everyone agree.
except you and your hipocrisy.


Jumping on the thread.

10k+ hrs on this game and I have quitted recently as well.

Come on, once you look at it objectively and in a bigger point of view, the game is stupidly boring and repetitive already. New patch, same shet honestly.

There is no essence to this game anymore. It is not worth the time of many people nowadays that is why we are quitting.

You guys quit at the worst moment,
Imagine being able to finally p2w for achstones and then kick the bucket.

Tbh tho this game is a mess. Still so many bugs, lack of QoL, crazy unbalance, botters and RMTs, top it all off we still have multiple item dupe methods.

Concurrent players now say to enjoy the new patch but the only people who will be able to play the new patch are the players who spent years funneling resources to max multiple characters already.

For everyone else, if you wanna do ep13 content, your best bet is to wait for ep14 or 15.

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