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Just a thought about HG Unknown Sanctuary entry price

So, Unknown Sanctuary.
It has 2 Floors:
Floor 1 has much much easier mobs, they also drop a pitiful amount of silver.
Contrast that to Floor 2, where each boss drops a significantly larger amount of silver.

Here’s my 2 cents.
Make the entry price more appropriate on where the player want to enter.

  1. Floor 2 can keep the 500k fee (although I think it’s still too expensive)
    Floor 1 can lower the fee to maybe half of it or something? (although I still think it’s too expensive)

  2. Can we do away with the double price for the buff when the player is inside? I feel like paying a drug dealer more money just because I need my fix inside.

That’s my 2 cents ladies and gents.
I feel a lot of monetary gates in this game can be tweaked to compensate THE GARGANTUAN SILVER NERF IMC HAS LOVINGLY IMPLEMENTED UPON US

Have a nice day, stay safe, get vaccinated.

Extra edit:
Since CM and DS are now giving us PEANUTS compared to before, at the very least buff the silver drops by the mobs and bosses in HG.

And add a

  • 30 Minute Buff

a whole hour is annoying sometimes.

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Sorry, can you elaborate?
I thought the one-hour buff was more-or-less an okay thing for me.

What I do not like is the potion that has to be purchased separately and reapplied continously while inside.
I mean, why not include that in the initial 500k buff? :unamused:

Means that you pay half for half an hour, because you don’t always have a full hour nonstop to dedicate to HG.

Just leave and re-use the guild shop outside…

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Ahhh, okay i get it now. That’s a nice idea I think. Especially for people who has limited time to play.

Just leave and re-use the guild shop outside…

Yea I usually do this too, I just thought it’d be a nice QoL.

For point 2, I found out that the rebuff at double price is only in channels where it’s not linked to a town.

Eg. For channels 1-3 (if you enter from Fedi) they’re 500k but channels 4-8 are 1m.

It might just be a bug with their coding instead of an intended design.

I believe with lowering the HG silver cost. I think buff the drop is more appropriate, because I can see 20+ player cramp in HG2 if the silver reward actually increase because for my level, HG2 is almost brain dead easy stuff. Additionally, profit from Snek legend in 2.5m+ per run now in Tels despite gated by gear and lvl.

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u can actually stack the buff to 2-3 hours or more in one entry, so 30mins buff is making sense for a short grinding.

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They should make a popup, “There is a cheaper rebuff point in different ch. Do you want to go?”

or put all option to rebuff with the particular guild in the menu.

Clearly. They mapped the shops and the channels from Klaipeda (8->8), forgetting there are not 8 channels in Orsha and Fedimian.

yeah, the more expensive rebuff is 100% a bug, just use channels 1-3 for now.