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It's time to increase numbers on cards


Cards like +10 elemental damage per *
or +7 attack per*
and defensive +10 pdef per*
was bad before patch, now its like drop in the ocean

Time to add 0 after digit to every non percentage card


+1 to this. Maybe not a x10 factor for offense (3 Mothstem/Red Vubbe 10* would give +2100 atk), but at least x2 or x3, like what was done for collections.

And while we’re at it, the value on headgear didn’t change either…


They probably forgot lol


Yes please +2 aoe attack ratio on headgears and more on Centau cards :sweat_smile:


only 2100 flat attack!
% cards like “monkey” will be always better cuz than better weapon you have more damage they gives


It’s not flat attack, it counts towards your base attack. Imagine using a weapon with a base attack of 2100, that would be equal to T10 level…

OTOH you have those purple cards that add 10 flat property damage per star. That’s something that should be vastly improved.


do you even tested this?


Just look at your base attack by pressing F1 before and after equipping the card, you’ll see that the card actually increases your base attack. So it’s not flat damage added at the end, but real attack contributing to everything.


just equip transcended weapon and equip card


May I add my opinion.

For me, the raw physical/magic attack boost should be 5 times stronger while elemental property attack should be 5 to 7. Elemental property ignores defense while adding damaged only increasing/decreasing based on the enemy element.
They should also boost the 330 dungeon card. +5 Healing is pretty weak, maybe 10-20 per star. We don’t have much healing stat itens except SPR Heavy gear and we do lose quite a lot of defense to use them. If they were boosted, I would gladly remove my Nuaele and equip them.

For the defense cards, maybe a % to reduce a type of damage would be better like - x% slash damage instead of raw stat. It would give us better options than going for either Nuaele or Zaura while using Armaos for Budget builds.


They need to rework how elemental property attack/resistance works as a whole, unless the number skyrocket these cards will never be interesting. I’ve been saying this over and over buy elemental (and attack) property should be applied in the skill ratio along the PAtk/MAtk if they match the skill damage type. Changing this will make every single property stat to be an interesting niche option for particular classes.

Make Fire Property Attack a desirable stat for Pyromancer as it sounds like instead of being pitiful bonus.