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It's getting better but it's not helping

Rank 8 maps are still disgustingly hard, we still get one shotted as a mage by everything… Even with lots of mdef, nothing is stopping those mages… Yeah, we can kill them if you have 5 minutes to spare, but even then, some monsters still receive one damages with my strongest spells. I was hoping we could finally get to play this end game but the balance is still unsatisfying.

I truly enjoyed my cryo, even if she was weaker than all the pyros around, but hitting of 1, even after the maintenance, is truly a let down. At least all the pyros can rejoice of being able to hit the mobs, if they’re not dead within a hit while casting their fireballs…

I’m trying to be positive here, especially with the event of trying to get max level, but how are we supposed to get lvl 12 cards without being able to kill anything? How are we supposed to go up when we only can do Siaulai twice a day (three if you’re rich, seeing how GVG changes made tokens inflation inevitable)

It’s hard to find the motivation to keep playing on…

Anyway, thanks for reading, hope you all have a nice day.


With 1500+ mdef you will take 1 damage from every mage mob now, with little exceptions like Bloom from Mishekan Forest and his 1 shot skill. This is easily achievable with didel tower shield + basic 170/220 accessories with 5-7 anvil upgrades on them + triple enchanter buff (armor pants and shield) + blue gems on boots.

The mobs you are dealing 1 dmg even with 1000+ Matk are the ones with the Mdef buff. It’s a buff just like Evasion lvl2 but for Mdef, they cast it as soon as they enter combat. Without approaching them use Sleep and then start attacking, 80% of the time this will work and they won’t cast the buff after the Sleep wears off.

TL;DR: Git gud.

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I’d suggest you to find other players that are also facing difficulties doing R8 content and party up.

Yes sir IMC should nerf R7 and R8 monsters more

Piece of advice: Find a party. if not, invest up a little more on your gears.
Cryomancers are meant to be support classes (with blue icon and all). (Please don’t tell me you are a cryochrono and complain about ur damage, coz if thats the case then get out of here)

If you want dps cryo, get rune caster/psychokino to your rank. That’s my advice. Ktnxbye