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(ITOS) Weekly Boss Raid - Rexipher [Caster Wizard]

(ITOS) Weekly Boss Raid - Rexipher [Caster Wizard]

(ITOS) Weekly Boss Raid - Rexipher [Caster Wizard]
Week - 12
Type - Insect
Attribute - None
Defense Type - Cloth
Final Damage shown - 3,066,781,050

Build: Ele - Pyro - Tao


This week’s boss utilizes mostly magical attacks, so stacking mdef is very reccomended. Due to the [Gargoyle] mechanic however, you will want to have a minimum level of pdef to survive the dashes. If you have good timing, you can also dodge the dashes by jumping.

The [Magic Absorbtion] mechanic is by far one of the worst benefical ones out of the available randomized set. For maximum damage potential, you will want to grab whichever portal is your main damage type. This is because you deny Rexipher the buff for reduced damage taken against that type.

Note that whatever orb/portal buff you choose to take, Rexipher will gain the remaining unchosen 2 buffs.

Red portal = Damage dealt + 3% per stack
White portal = Physical damage taken - 4% per stack
Blue portal = Magical damage taken - 4% per stack

The speciality of this week is an accuracy up for the boss, meaning you will need to stack a ton of evasion if you want to have a good rate at evading some of Rexipher’s attacks.

The [Breath] mechanic isnt really that big of a deal so it is easily ignorable, but you can sidestep it if you see it spawn, assuming you cannot afford to tank the hit.

This week’s map features the purifying stone mechanic that is similar to the Hard mode of Lepidoptera Junction Raid. Try to keep the stones stacked whenever possible and the most efficent way to do that is to refill the stone when it reaches 20. This makes the stone jump back to 30 at the cost of only 1 Antidote stack.

By far the most annoying mechanic this week is Rexipher’s Reflection. This reflects 20% of your damage dealt on him for 5 seconds when he casts it, leading to an easy wipe.
Wizards can avoid this mechanic by using Magic Shield(Not Arcance Explosion) before it happens. This makes you take no reflect damage.
If you are a non - wizard class, it is reccomended to just wait out the time period where he casts the reflection and not dps him during that time.

Rexipher usually casts Reflection at random times during these timeslots.

4 50 - 5 20
2 50 - 3 20
0 40 - 1 20

It is important to note that if you CC the boss during these timeslots before it is about to use Reflection, there is a high chance the boss will delay the reflection cast for 5-20 seconds, this can mess up your timing and easily lead to a wipe.

It is also important to note that Rexipher will only cast Reflection ONCE at EACH timeslot (Rexipher will cast Reflection 3 times over the whole fight). Once you see the Reflection buff on him go away, you have free reign to dps again even if you are early into the timeslot.


I don’t have video proof and it might just be visual bug but during 1 of my attempt, I stay basically on right at rexipher feet and overlapping our hitbox and I somehow was able to block 2 orb from Rexipher, he only have Damage buff that run.