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(ITOS) Weekly Boss Raid - Mirtis [Caster Wizard]

(ITOS) Weekly Boss Raid - Mirtis [Caster Wizard]

Type - Beast
Attribute - Poison
Defense Type - Plate
Final Damage shown - 2,002,787,261

Build: Ele - Pyro - Tao


This week’s boss raid keeps you quick on your toes and requires you to reposition frequently in order to survive for most of the fight.

Mirtis does a substantial amount of damage with her basic swipes and spells, and it is not surprising to suddenly die from 1 stray hit. You will want to try and avoid the tornado gimmick as much as possible, as they home in on you and extend their duration when you touch them. If you do accidently touch them, just run away for a period of time and the tornado will time out.

Always try to refresh the poison stack in the middle when it reaches 20 so that it only takes one of your antidote stacks to refresh it to 30. If you fail to do this, then it takes more antodote stacks to refresh the middle and will lead to your downfall.

You will notice that in the video, i actually ran out of poison stacks near the end due to some misplays and mispositioning which gives me the debuff to deal significantly less damage to the boss, this basically means that the run is done at that point which is why i suicided into her near the end.

It is very highly reccomended to actually lure the boss away from the middle and keep her inbetween the middle and the healing orbs. inside the outer ring. This will give you the best position to manuvear around and easy access to refreshing the middle whilst dodging tornadoes.

It is quite reccomended to get some accuracy enchants or gear for this fight as the rune of anguish gimmick increases your critical chance and critical damage, but at the cost of reduced accuracy.

For this early run, i actually went with using the normal magic shield effect for more survivability as it helps alot with the damage reduction. In a later run though, i used arcane explosion attribute and managed to increase the overall damage to around 2.33bil (
However i estimate that with more practise and good rng for the run, it should be possible to reach around 2.6bil-3bil with the pyroeletao caster wizard build


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One thing to note is that there is a “sweet spot” where you can outrange Mirtis’s basic attack. She will swing at you over and over but you will be out of the range of her damage, while still being able to damage her.

Works with Ataka as well. This can give relief from the main source of her damage.

No I’m using my own panto card

why am i flagged :frowning:

where is the sweet spot?