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(ITOS) Weekly Boss Raid - Blut [Caster Wizard]

(ITOS) Weekly Boss Raid - Blut [Caster Wizard]

Type - Plant
Attribute - Dark
Defense Type - Ghost
Final Damage shown - 1,897,948,577

Build: Ele - Pyro - Tao


This week’s raid boss is quite an experience. Blut’s basic swipes and dashes arent really a problem, however the main issue is the constant area denial from the Fire Corrosion Spit in combination with the [Meteor Shower] Gimmick. Both of these things leave lasting patches of flames on the ground and deal a high amount of damage if you stay inside them. The racial type for this week is also plant, meaning that it is extremely hard to land critical hits against the boss unless you have an absolutely insane amount of critical rate or are using minimum critical chance items/skills.

Constant movement will be the key to this week’s boss raid. It is possible to also try and stack the meteor shower hits onto one side of the map if you notice that it is activating, however the boss will still use the corrosive flame spits which are random locations around you and the boss.

I utilized the base magic shield ability to reduce damage taken from the gimmicks for this week, due to the sheer amount of damage that they can do if you accidently stay inside them too long. On my more serious run, i will be trying to use the Arcance Explosion attribute and seeing if i can output more damage whilst surviving to the end.

The [Assault] gimmick spawns 4 gargyoles which dash and attack you constantly at certain intervals. They do a surprising amount of damage so it is reccomended to clear them out as soon as you see them spawn. The Pyro-Ele-Tao class has tons of aoe so this gimmick isnt an issue as the mobs die the moment they spawn to 1 meteor or the DoT tiles on the ground by your spells.

As seen in the viceo, you will want to drag the boss around the corners of the map to take advantage of the [Overcharge] gimmick that spawns.

The [Rune of Fortitude] gimmick deals constant damage to you and prevents healing while you are ontop of it, but also gives you a stacking damage buff the longer you stay on it. You will want to try and get as much stacks as possible before dipping out and healing once you feel like you need it.

As shown in the vid, i would reccomend you to start off the fight by dragging the boss to the first [Overcharge] gimmick spawn location on the right side of the map. This will enable the first [Rune of Fortitude] gimmick to spawn inside the [Overcharge] buff location which can enable you to stack the buffs and do tons of damage.
You will then want to go towards a clockwise rotation for the fight as that is the pattern of the [Overcharge] gimmick.

As you progress through the fight, you will notice that the lasting fire tiles from the meteors and the spit will start to blanket most of the map, making many places danger zones to tread onto. Try your best to survive and remember that the longer you survive, the more opportunities you have to damage the boss, so dont get too greedy unless its at the end of the timer!