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Item still missing, have been reporting for 2 weeks

Date and Time(Please, specify the timezone) : Since 28th Feb 2020

Server Name: New S E Asia

Team Name:DOMO

Character Name:Kaze

Bug Description : Since I hit 450lvl in a level dungeon,the max level reward is bugged. IMC has released a patch to fix this issue last week.May be the fix However, those who got bugged including me still do not receive the items yet.And it has already been more than 2 weeks.

Max level reward items :
400 level exp card
Savinose +11 T10 1 Weapon 5 Armor
Attribute reset 14 days
Skill reset 14 days
Stat reset 14days
3 character slot voucher

People who got bugged like me are waiting and waiting,sent a few tickets already just want to get back what we deserve from the first place. We paid extra effort to reach max level earlier but indeed, got punished. And still suffering now as I am afraid to level up any of my other character beyond 400 lvl. I am feared to lose the prove,the evidence that I DID NOT RECEIVE ANY of the rewards.

If you want any screenshot, just let me know, I can provide.Or simply just go into my account and spend 5 minute to take a look and do your work.It is as simple as that.Should not be a task spending over 14 DAYS.