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Item Enchant Effects not stacking?

I dunno if I should report it here but … I tried using Enchant Stats on my armors and this is the result … all of them are for Main Weapon Damage Increase %


I looked into my Character info and noticed this on the lowest part …

Is the enchant stats not stackable?

No, they don’t stack, as written on the popup you get when using an enchant jewel. For obvious reasons, i should add.


They don’t stack. “having multiple items with the same Enchant Stat will not stack the corresponding effects. Instead, only the stat with the highest value will apply.”

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25% Phys or mag reduction in every piece of gear, think about that XD

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I thought they limit that to skill gems only urgh … wasted enchants … zzzz

Well, its not a problem really if they do stack since … everyone can do it and its cheap to do so …

I once enchanted 19% magic reduction from purple…

Cant imagine if everything stacks

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