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Item Drop Error (Alchemist's Stone Crafting)

I am returning player, recently were thinking to craft Alchemist’s Stone, but some item just won’t drop no matter how hard you try, even the 0.6% drop item can drop but the Yekubite Teeth, Yekubite Crystal just won’t drop, and the Raflower root also… will there be any fix on this?

i might be wrong on this but i think you can’t craft alchemist stone anyway atm cause they lowered the overall level of magnum opus since they wanted to overhaul homoculous

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On August 19-20 2019 maintenance, they removed some items for craft it… (

I remember that IMC post their plans for 2019 that they want to prioritize 4 points for improve/fix in 2019, one of them was to balance cleric class and some support classes like Squire and Alchemist, and they said that just increase the Skill factor will not have impact on it… but IMC just forgot Alchemists…

sad… no wonder i can’t see any homoculous around…

ic… so this Homoculous is not forever gone not?
i played few round PVP with my friend one of the using cleric class… he is unbeatable… the damage is super ultimate high with his defend is also very high… as a support class… with 26805% skill factor… sooo scary…

I think they’re testing planned homoculous mechanics with new assister one. It will be probably copy/paste of asister mechanic in the future. Or totally removed.

whats kinda interesting though if you still have the alchemist stones you can still spawn the homocs

My friend said that they removed the alchemist stone form the game as well. He had it before the update that removed some items, and then check after update, it was removed.