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Item disapeared and card reseted when put on market

I come to play again after some months (since 2019/01 i think) and I saw something like my Uskas Costume disapeared (not on market, and any char)

And too the templeshooter cards I have (I bought wrong cause the bad translation, soo I was selling back. Marked on Red), i put them on the market to sell, and i go to see why it wasn’t selling. Soo, o noticed that the templeshooters card I put selling for 2,8m where not more lvl10, but 1!!!

I had three lvl10. And all three become lvl 1 when i’ve put to sell!!!

And I can’t send a ticket cause IDK WHY!!! Its agonizing O.O:face_with_thermometer::face_with_thermometer:

When sending screenshot use other imagehosting site, the one they provided hasn’t work for a while.

Just retrieve it. Visual bug only.

Did. It’s not visual!