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It could be better like this (?)

Hi! :haha:

I want to propose you to make a second “slot page” for skills/attributes/consumables/etc.

We have a lot of attributes and we have not slots to them all, and that means that we cant take a good adventaje of them…

This reason can also be applied to the rest of the usefull things to put in the slots.

So i repeat: i want to propose you to make a second page for skills/attributes/consumables/etc (like swap it with the tab button like weapon swap sistem).

We could have a page for buffs plus some attributes, warpstones, teleportation scrolls, skill consumable items (to see how many we have, to know if we should go buy more) and the main page to the rest of the skills plus other kind of attributes, potions, usefull items like arks that we could fast change by slots for different situations, etc. (for example)

In this way everything would be better organized and we could take advantage of it all.

Anyway hope you have a nice day! :haha:

this addon, perhaps?