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Issues brought up by the new patches that never went away

Are these issues still prevalent in the upcoming patches? Most of these are minor but posting it now because it never went away for too long

  1. Shrinking weapon bug - not sure what causes this, happens a lot with my sw chars
  2. Macro emotes stopped working with pets - now we all just stand on top of the pet, it broke so many months ago
  3. Velco set skills still need re-allocating to hotkeys when taken from team storage - Wasn’t this supposed to be fixed already?
  4. Cannot block spammers via right click method anymore, must do it manually

If anyone solved any of these I would love to know how

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^ that’s a 2-h spear!


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Happened 1 or 2 weeks ago (at least) with some weapons

Does not happen to me?
There is some addon for that (I dont even use it)

I have mergaite set , the skill disappears from hotkey slot when I deposit my items to team storage and pickup by other char using the same slot

Yeah I’ve read about that addon, it popped up just before the patch notes came up telling us that it’s been fixed. It seemed to have worked the first time but after the next patch or so the issue came back … what set are you using? I’m not willing to install a foreign addon at the moment as I prefer official fixes

Edit: added a fourth issue - the spam chat block doesn’t work anymore, must do manual method

I use Kraujas at 5 of my chars and it never gets removed after IMC patched it.

Before they fixed it i used the addon and that worked well too, but i removed after the official fix. Didnt hear about anyone else having issues with that anymore.
Maybe try it?
(or try fix your client but you probably did that already?)

That is strange and I’ve done several checks already for missing files from steam, it’s such a hassle but I’ll try maybe a full re-install when I have the time

I can confirm #2 and #3. My Kraujas always needs to be reassigned. And pet no longer dances :((

But #4, we can still right click people. It’s just now it gets harder. We have to right click at the clock part of the chat, and spamming right click while hoping it didn’t highlight player chatting before or after the spammer.

As for #1, I haven’t came across it. But the opposite. I still gets tons of instances of humongous hand with my Thaumaturge.

@ 4 : I think it only works if the chat has an item or party name linked, but if it’s just normal text that all spammers use it cannot be right click -__- , I tried clicking the time stamp but it doesn’t do anything

shrinking weapon happens frequently on my retiarus