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Issue upon launch

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Server Name:EU Fedimian

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Bug Description :
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Steps to reproduce the issue :

  1. right after updating the game
  2. reinstalling the game but same issue upon launch

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Game Control Mode (Keyboard/Joypad/Mouse) : Joypad


  • CPU : core i5 4xxx
  • RAM : 16gb ddr3
  • Graphics Card : GTX 950m
  • Mainboard :
  • Storage : HDD 500gb
  • OS : win10 64bit
  • Internet Connection : optic fiber
  • Country, Region : bugtos

Hi @raknoelclaude,

Kindly submit a ticket to the Tree of Savior support team to further assist you regarding the matter.

If you uninstalled the game via steam menu, there may be some files leftover. You should manually delete the ToS folder inside steam folder.
Regarding this error, I suggest you to run the game client integrity verification. It will check and replace corrupted files. After this process, your game should be able to run normally.

thank you for ur replies. Ive already submitted a ticket to the support team.
Also. I have been able to launch the game yesterday after the 1h maintenance. But today I got the same proble, again even after re installing the game. So maybe anyone having the same issue as me managed to fix it?
I get 5 pop up boxes like in the picture








It is weird because I don’t get this bug. It would be better if I can take a look at your game client via teamviewer to see what I can do. The final option should be uploading my current game client so you can download and replace.

hey thanks again for the fast reply, how do I use teamviewer? also waiting for the staff reply on my last ticket just in case they figured out how I can fix it

yep i have the same problem as yours the problem occur with ep12 updates uninstalling/installing and verifying the integrity didnt do jack squat…i hope imc can solved this problem ASAP i want to play the game so bad good sir and im a returner too…im so hype up and this problem occurs!! me please thanks in advances

I have posted a resolution for this issue over here, pls take a look: Resolution for Skill_bytool Bug

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i’ll try your first method delete all tree of savior folder and reinstalling it back if it ain’t working im going to try this method hre thank you!!..