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Is Tos support ps5 controller?

Hi, I was trying to use ps5 controller on TOS. But it didn’t work on mine. So I just wonder if anyone get it working on your pc or TOS doesn’t support ps5 controller in general.

Are you using the controller on Steam? You need to enable Big Picture mode on Steam, connect your PS5 controller via bluetooth to PC and see if Steam recognizes it.

Install DS5windows, it should work with that.

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Yes, it does recognize my controller and work on other game but not TOS. Thank you for answer :slight_smile:

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I will try it out thank you for advice!!! :slight_smile:

what controller do you use? what is this big picture thing? is it possible to use d4 controller without ds4 windows?

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I use a PS4 controller, the big picture is a feature in Steam, check the top right corner there are some buttons there to activate it. Inside this mode, you can set up controllers for your Steam games :smiley:

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I did. I also use a ps4 controller. May i know what settings you tweaked? Right now I’m using DS4 Windows, a 3rd party program that tricks the system to read a ps4 controller as an xbox360 controller. Lately its been very annoying, it’s bugging alot.

I just wanna share the quick update for anyone whose struggles with the same problem. I got my ps5 controller work by using DS5windows(by simulate it as xbox controller) and it will only work (in my case) if you run your game on 32-bits.