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Is this game "pay to cheat"?

I reported a bot with a good video. NOTHING HAPPENS. And I’m seeing a lot of people having the same problem and the same question: Is this game “pay to cheat”? If I’m a whale, Can I use bot 100% free? Can I use bot without being a whale?

I have a suggestion IMC. Sell the bot the program with tp or just make this game 100% afk farming (like a lot of Asian mobile games).

Oh, why I’m making a suggestion. This game don’t have a support team. I’m sorry! :smile:


Of course they don’t have a support team. Take a look at their LinkedIn page. They have like 15 employees, and Kim is the only listed programmer

lol. i think too bro haha

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You’re wrong .,… its free to cheat …


I spent a lot of time and money playing this game, I tried to love the game but meaningless when someone can just cheat for it, even I tried to ignore it and I still feel sad, now I already left the game.

Another MMORPG I played before, a lot of the players are cheaters if not most of them, I left it in the end too.
I have trauma in MMORPG game now, I won’t play another MMORPG ever.

It’s not the game fault, the game is well made. Every time.


So… I guess we are ■■■■■■.

yes, its pay to cheat.

you can report many bots as you can with proof and everything but if bot happen to have the same ip as some TP whale most likely will not get banned, there is a obvious bot in maven 32 using certain camps but hey as long you pay nothing happen.