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Is there any chance that imc staffs bot themselves or corporate with botters?

I just wonder.

  • Botters still do botting after months reports with video evidences and GMs do … nothing.

If each bot can farm 800k silver per 10 minutes, so they have 115 mil silver per day. 30 accounts mean 3.4 bil silver perday. 1 mil ~ 0.5-0,8 $, if botters split 50/50 to GMs and 20% for others cost then GMs receive 680 $ - 1k $ per day.
1 month = 20.4 - 30k $ … no need to work for IMCs, just do insider for botters !

I just wonder … wonder … why botters still out there ?

maybe right. But 1 bot can farm 1b silver not 115m now =))

Very likely. They can’t just conjure silvers out of thin air without a serious ramification in audit (if they even have any) and accountability issues. By masking their operation behind bots nobody could accuse anybody of wrongdoings.