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Is there any calculator for the game?

I wish to test some classes skills and know their overall damage.
Is there anything there to do so?

you can google “tos.neet”

hmm… not quite yet what I wanted.

You see, I want to test like:
If I’m using a +16 trans 10 lv440 weapon and use X skill it will hit min ~ max damage in lv442 monster T.

Now, I want to check this damage in the same monster but now with Y buff.

Now with y + g buff.

Now I want to check the damage of this weapon in other class.

This kinda thing.

there’s noithing like the old RO calculator to see how much dmg you would do with X weapon and X enchant/trascendance on X mob.

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well, that’s sad rip

I have some but you have to manually understand where to put the numbers in - Damage Calculator - Defense Formula Comparison - Critical Chance (PVE) - Evasion Chance (PVE) - Block Chance (PVE)


since you only want to test DPS against single target monster T, how about spamming X skill at weekly boss raid training mode?
then next run: x skill+ y buff
then next run: x skill+ y+g buff